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the Top Five Veterinary Universities in the United States


There are very many veterinary universities in the United States. A veterinary university is a school focused on the health and care of animals and pets. If you love animals and have an interested in medicine, you may want to check out some of the top veterinary universities in the United States.

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Cornell University

Cornell University is the cream of the crop when it comes to veterinary universities. Cornell's veterinary medicine program is consistently ranked as the top in the country. Not only is a great school to go to for veterinary medicine but it's also great for general medical education, animal health, biomedical research, and public health.

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University of California, Davis

The University of California, Davis is another one of the great veterinary universities. The University of California, Davis offers a four-year course of academic study, following clinicals which leads to the students getting their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Along with a basic veterinary major, students also have the chance to learn about sciences of hematology, zoological medicine, urology, behavior, dentistry, hemodialysis, feline kidney transplantation, shelter medicine, small animal joint replacement, equine surgery, nutrition, emergency preparedness and many other subjects.

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Colorado State University

Colorado State University is another one of the great veterinary universities located within the United States. At Colorado State University, students are offered a prestigious and excellent veterinary program. Not only is the school amazing with academics but it is also the home to the largest animal center in the world, allowing students to study infectious diseases within animals.

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North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University is not often recognized as one of the best veterinary universities in the US, but it is a great school to look into. North Carolina University has one main focus and that is to have students learn and advance animal and human health. North Carolina University has a focus on six primary areas, which are: Companion Animal Medicine, Food Supply Medicine, Biomedical Research, Ecosystem Health, Equine Medicine, and Animal Welfare. Instruction in Clinical Sciences, Molecular Biomedical Sciences, and Population Health & Pathobiology.

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Ohio State University

Ohio State University has been one of the leading veterinary universities for the last 150 years. Ohio State University is one of the only schools that offers cutting edge technology and expertise to teach their students.

Other Great US Veterinary Universities

Along with the veterinary universities mentioned above, there are several other ones worth looking into. Research and check out the following veterinary universities:

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Texas A&M
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Georgia

Each of these veterinary universities has different areas of veterinary medicine and study to major in.

Tips and Comments

Becoming a veterinarian is a very good choice for those who are interested in animals and in general health sciences. If you're smart, determined, have thick skin and the motivation to do well in school, then you'll excel at whichever veterinary university you decide to attend. There are a total of 64 veterinary universities in the US, so there are plenty to choose from.

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