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Advantages Of Attending Good Universities

Published at 03/28/2012 12:48:42


With the passage of time, the urge to learn more has increased. Knowledge is the main distinction between human being and animal. Man is created to seek knowledge. Without knowledge, a man in this world is like a deaf and blind person, sitting purposelessly in a darkroom. God has created man, with a desire to seek this knowledge and man is obviously, curious by nature, about the things happening around him.

This is the reason that enforces human being to learn, to seek, to gain and to get answers of his question. From centuries people are in quest of learning. Good universities play a significant role in this quest.

People from past, who have graduated from high schools are trying hard to find jobs, but they have failed to do so. In today’s world, education from good universities is of vital importance. People who go through the university education gain skills in research which is a vital tool for job seeking.


The main idea of attending a university is the issue of academic freedom and knowledge seeking. The first institute with the name of university was, University of Bologna, found in 1088 in Italy. But if we throw some light on the medieval history of universities, we can trace Christian cathedral schools, which appeared as early as 6th century AD. They were formed years before they were formally established as a university.

After this, University of Paris was formed in 1150 in France. Oxford University was then established in 1167 in England. University of Modena was founded in Italy in 1175. In 1209 University of Cambridge was established in England and then gradually the tradition of establishing universities started formally. Through different researchers, we came to know that today the number of universities present in this world is 17036 almost.


Good universities are the ones that provide the right learning environment for their students. Good universities must have qualified instructors for every field. These instructors must possess knowledge as well as good teaching skills to transfer that knowledge.

Good university must provide free space and high technology facilities for their students and employees. Rooms should be enough for all courses. Good university should provide libraries with good books and encyclopedias for their students to learn.

Good universities also strive to ensure that their students are kept in the right atmosphere free from hygienic problems so that the students don’t contract common sicknesses. Such good universities will manifest high level of management. Enough employees should be there to manage administrative tasks. Maintenance of all facilities should be done. Good universities should always be keen about the security arrangements, for the sake of safety of their students, employees and university property. For universities to be ranked among good ones, they have to provide better restrooms and cafeterias and consider the welfare of their students important. Co-curricular activities should be there for students, to get relief from the hectic routines.

Tips and comments

The above mentioned things should be kept in mind while selecting university. One should focus more on the faculty related to their chosen field. University education is tough and most important part of our leaning process. It provides us opportunity to judge our own self, to asses our abilities, but a little wrong decision about university can lead us to a lasting dissatisfaction with out education background.

This is the last phase of our education and should be done with great interest and hard work. Good universities always build confidence in students, which helps them to move forward in life and prove to the world that they are skilled enough to build their future. The results are always visible in our practical life, so selection should be done keenly.