List Of 5 Best West Universities
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List Of 5 Best West Universities

Published at 01/19/2012 22:06:37


List Of 5 Best West Universities

This school year 2011-2012, US universities were ranked per region to give senior high school students a better perspective on which schools to submit an application. In the west region, educators, management and students of several universities gave their best to maintain or improved their previous ranking. West universities that made it to the top 5 are; Trinity University, Santa Clara University, Gonzaga University, Loyola Marymount University and Mills College. These universities offer a variety of undergraduate programs for you to choose from. You can further view their distinctions as you read ahead.


In the early years of higher education, Harvard University was declared the number one institution for higher education in America. Throughout the years, Harvard has maintained its integrity and pride as the leading institution that moulds competent professionals specifically in the economics and law department. Not until a few decades after that contenders all throughout the US area have emerge. As of today, thousands of Universities are scattered all throughout the US. With that, several criterions were established to rate each learning institution to further improve their standings and to be able to rank them accordingly.


For the top 5 west universities in the US, the first position goes to Trinity University. Situated in San Antonio, Texas this university was established in the year 1869. Most of their undergraduate programs focus on music, arts and sciences. They also grant master’s degree in the following fields; education, school administration and other science degrees in accounting and health care administration. If you are opting for a career in arts and sciences you might want to check their programs catalogue for a more detailed review. For the second place, Santa Clara grabs the spot. It is a private institutions founded in the early 1850’s. Located at Santa Clara, California, this institution offers arts and entertainment programs. They also have programs on business and engineering majors. For their graduate programs you can opt for either law or engineering programs. This institution would be a good choice for individuals who want to forge a path on engineering and business. Garnering the third place among the west universities is Gonzaga University. Recognized as the top university in Spokane, Washington, this Roman Catholic institution takes its pride to their programs on theology and law. They have nurtured and guided students who want to enter priesthood. For the fourth position, it is a tie between two west universities. These two are Loyola Marymount University and Mills College. Both are located in the State of California. Loyola Marymount University is situated at Los Angeles while Mills College is at Oakland. Programs offered by Loyola Marymount University are on the fields of arts and sciences, business and engineering. Mills College on the other hand is best known in their fine arts programs.

Tips and comments

These west universities are ranked based on the performances of their educators, management and students. However, keep in mind that these ranking may vary depending on their specializations or majors. If you are opting for a career in medicine, you might search for the top medical schools instead of basing it to the national ratings. Each university is unique but you are guaranteed that higher education will be provided to you in an efficient manner.