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Due to the high competition between universities it has become quite a hard task to rank the best. The architecture universities aren’t an exception for that matter. Many Universities offering this course of architecture tend to compete in order to be ranked among the top. Not only Universities in the US and UK are in this competition, those ones also located in Asia and Africa are also on the race. The architectural designs a university produces or the research it carries is what perhaps determines their rankings. If you are looking to pursue a course in architecture then you need to be attentive of the below list which shows the best architecture universities in the world.

Best Architecture Universities

According to the latest ranks of best architecture universities the University of Cambridge has secured a place in the top universities offering architecture programs. It does not only offer a degree in architecture but it also offers masters degree and PHD in related course. You would appreciate that this UK University offers various master programs in architectural research, interdisciplinary design and built environment.

Talking of best Architecture universities you wouldn’t fail to mention the University of Queensland. This is an Australian institution of architecture rated as one of the best universities producing remarkable architectural research. It also offers its architectural students opportunities to further their studies on the same. Apart from an architectural degree, now the student can have the chance to get themselves a master of architecture and even a PHD in research of the same.

At least everyone has heard of the famous Columbia University. Its fame mainly comes as a result of engineering courses and architecture included. Located in New York, this institution deserves a good ranking as a result of emphasis and international scope of architecture. When you study in this university you will have an opportunity to study in Paris as well as New York, the two main architectural hubs in the world.

Other High Ranked Architecture Universities

Coming to Africa now it is the University of Cape Town which is located in South Africa. Among other architecture universities, this institution was ranked by as one of the best universities in the world. Along with masters and PHD, University of Cape Town offers degree programs for architecture and its related programs.

Canadian architecture universities are also not left out in the best universities offering this program. Canada hosts the McGill University which was also ranked as one of the top architecture universities. It also offers a degree in architecture alongside masters of the same. If you want to progress to do PHD in architectural research then McGill University is still the institution for you.


If you are looking to pursue architecture and you are looking for the best architecture universities you can enroll to them it won’t be a hectic task. Just consider the above and you will experience what real architecture means. The above are however not the only best Universities offering architectural programs there are also others available and so a detailed research would do you any harm.

By Hannah, published at 03/21/2012
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