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Top 5 Universities Germany

Published at 03/19/2012 23:34:06


With a population of approximately 81.8 million inhabitants, Germany has become a home of many world class universities. The country is richly endowed with good climate and facilities conducive for academic studies. This country has led to birth of many of Germany universities are ranked the best world wide and locally within the country. Below are some of the best universities in Germany.

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Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Located in the Germany’s capital, Berlin. This private Germany universities offers some of the most competitive world wide programs around the globe. The university was started in 2002 and has been known for a history of producing academic giants in various fields.

The students from this university are receiving world wide job market. The university offers a wide range of academic programs. These programs include; bachelors of arts programs in economics, business administration, information and communication studies etc. the university also offers masters programs in the following faculties; international risk and contract management. The Germany universities also offers tripartite masters.

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Bielefeld University

Established in 1969 September, this Germany universities is located in Bielefeld, North Rhine Westphalia. The university offers a wide range of faculties tat are recognized world wide and provides a wide professional arena for the students. The Germany universities offer a wide range of programs from various faculties.

These programs include; sociology, faculty of mathematics of which it was ranked among the top four best universities, faculty of biology, faculty of history, faculty of public health, faculty of linguistics and literature, faculty of physics, faulty of law, faculty technology and faculty of business administration and economics. This Germany universities operates a university that contains a large volume of books, of which students find useful in their research.

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Catholic university of Eichstatt-Ingolstadt

Catholic university of Eichstatt-Ingolstadt is a private Germany universities established in 1980. This is the only catholic university in the German world. Situated in Eichstatt, this university ranks top among the Germany universities. The university has two campuses; one situated in Eichstatt and the other in Ingolstadt.

The faculties offered in this university include catholic theology, philosophy and education, languages and literature, history and social sciences, mathematics and economics and finally faculty of business administration and economics. The university houses a modern library with some of the best books for research and references in various topics. The Germany universities admissions are on merit basis despite its strong religious background.

Europe University Viadrina Frankfurt

Re-founded n 1991, this German universities has battled for the race among the top universities in Germany. The university has several campuses with the main branch located in Frankfurt, Brandenburg Germany. The Germany universities offer both bachelor programs and masters programs.

The bachelor programs include international business administration, law and cultural study among others. Some of the master programs include international business administration, businesss information and corporation, information and operations management, human rights and humanitarian law and masters in European studies. The university also admits students from various parts of the globe irrespective of color, tribe or race.

Fern Universitat Hagen

This is a public university located in Hagen, North Rhine- Westphalia. The Germany universities programs include both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The university’s faculties include cultural and social sciences, faculty of mathematics, faculty of business administration and economics and faculty of law.

The Germany University has some of the best facilities and ranks the top largest university in the world. The university has a large number of students, which is approximately 79,906. This Germany universities offer world wide training for students from various parts of the globe.