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Top 5 Austria Universities


Austria, a German city has for over years contributed to the growth in the world academic sector. Austria universities are some of the best and meet the world standards. The trainings offered in these universities are highly competitive in the job market and offer graduates high chances of getting employed. The programs are also state approved and graduates from this colleges can comfortably be admitted to other universities and continue with their studies.

University of Vienna

This is one of the Austria universities located in Vienna. Founded in 1365, this is one of the oldest universities among the German speaking countries. This Austria universities offers the following faculties; catholic theology, protestant theology, computer science, mathematics, physics, sport science, molecular biology, chemistry etc.

The Austria universities also have the largest library in Austria. The library has adequate books to assist students in their researches and studies. The university admits students from all parts of the world and offers high quality training, which is recognized world wide.

Vienna University of Technology

Located in Vienna, this is one of the best Austria universities. With a student population of approximately 27000, the university admits students from all parts of the world regardless of their race, color or tribe. The Austria universities programs are approved by the senate board and the students from this university can continue their education in other colleges. The university basically focuses its research in natural science and engineering. The university library also provides the students with adequate materials for study and research.

Universitat Innsbruck

This is one of the Austria universities famously known for excellent academic performances in the various faculties. The university produces high quality graduates, who are competitive and fit for their areas of profession. Located in Innsbruck, these Austria universities admit students from all parts of the world and it has some of the best facilities for students study.

The university also has a library fully furnished with most recent volumes of books to assist in referencing and research work. The academic staff of these Austria universities is highly qualified with years of experience in the similar field.

Graz University of Technology

Founded in 1811, this Austria University has an rich history of producing academic giants. Ranked fourth in the national category. The university has many campuses located in various regions of I the city i.e. two in Graz and another in the southeastern part of the city.

The Austria universities offer programs from various faculties and they include architecture, civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, technical mathematics and physics and faculty of technical chemistry, chemical process and biotechnology. The college programs are offered in both graduate and post graduate levels. The university ranks 245th world wide.

University of Graz

This is a public university located in Graz, Styria. With a student population of approximately 22,000, this is the second largest of the Austria universities. Found in 1585, the university has gradually evolved into a giant institution producing some of the world’s finest brains.

The university offers program in the following faculties; the faculty of arts and humanities, the faculty of law, the faculty of natural science, the faculty of social and economic sciences and faculty of catholic theology.


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