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5 Italy Universities


Italy is a land of great endowment, ranging from best dishes to best learning institutions. The Italian climate gives a good environment that is conducive for learning. The Italy universities offer some of the best academic programs at affordable rates. The colleges also receive government supplements for needy students. Below are some of the best of Italy universities

Bocconi University

Bocconi is the best ranked Italy universities. The university was established in 1902. This is a private university with a student population. The students come from various countries and the admission criteria of the college are merit basis. Situated in Milan, the college offers a variety of faculties in various fields; that is the undergraduate, post graduate and PhD programs.

The undergraduate programs include course in economics, management, finance, laws among others. The post graduate programs include masters programs offered in the various schools; master of programs science, management and law, environmental economics, experimental marketing, information systems among others. These programs are offered in the universities many campuses in different locations. The Italy universities also have a university assisting students in research and study.

Foreigners University of Siena

This is one of the best Italy universities. The university is located in Siena and basically emphasizes on training of foreigners. The university is state supported and mostly attended by foreign students. The university provides high quality education and professionalism to its graduates.

The university has only one faculty; the Italian language and culture. The college has two departments that is the human science department and language cultural sciences. The Italy universities also have a library that is well equipped with materials for study by the students.

Free University of Bozen- Bolzano

Located in Bolzano, this Italy universities is owned in partnership between private and public. The college strives to produce high quality graduates who meet the international labor market demand. The university has several campuses; Bozen Bolzano, brixen-bressanone and bruneck-brunico.

The lectures are held in German, Italian and English. This makes it a multilingual institution. The college has four faculties. They include the faculties of school of economics and management, faculty of computer science, faculty of design and art, faculty of education and faculty of science and technology.

International School for Advanced Studies

The public university and was founded in the year 1978. The Italy universities offer a variety of programs. The university is located in Trieste. The university’s main mandate is establish knowledge and promote science. The university has a number programs which include; astrophysics Cognitive neuroscience, condensed matter, mathematical physics, neuron biology etc. the lecturers are well trained with adequate experiences in the relevant fields.

Instituto Universitario Di Science Motorize

This university is located in Rome. This Italy university is dedicated to vacation related programs. The university ws established in 1998 when it took the part of Rome instituto superior di educazione Fisica. The mandate of thee institution revolves around providing further training for Physical education teachers.

The college offers studies in various areas and these include sports, teaching, fitness, and management of sports. Others include gyms, swimming, tracks and field areas etc. the Italy universities management is well qualified and provides the best training for the students.

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