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Massachusetts is located in the north eastern part of the United States of America. This state houses some of the topmost world class universities. The universities offer competitive programs from the various faculties, and most students from these universities are very marketable in the labor market. Below are some of the best universities in Massachusett.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is a private institution located in Cambridge. Of the universities in Massachusetts, this was established in the year 1861. The university has a student population of approximately 10,894. This universities in Massachusetts offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.

The undergraduate programs include bachelor of sience, school of humanitarian, electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, and physics among others. The graduate programs features professional degrees e.g. master of business administration, master of engineering, master of finance, masters of architecture among others. The school library is also equipped with modern books that assist the students during their research and studies.

Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the best universities in Massachusetts. The college is located in Cambridge and has a population of approximately 22000. This is a private university and offers some of the best under graduate and post graduate programs.

This Massachusetts University admits students from all over the globe regardless of color or origin. The college has the following faculties; arts and sciences, business’ dental medicine, design, divinity, education, engineering, law, government, medicine, public health etc. The widener library is located within the university and it offers a large number of books volumes for researches and study.

Boston University

This is also one of the private universities in Massachusetts, Boston. The college has a population of approximately 32000. The university was established in 1839, and offers both graduate and under graduate programs. The university boats of its main campuses and west campus.

The university provides superb accommodations to the students at the Warren towers. The university also has a library, the Mugar Memorial Library. This library helps the students undertake their researches and studies.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

This is one of the public universities in Massachusetts. The university is located in Amherst, Massachusetts. This university has a student population of approximately 28000. The university has eight campuses with the main campus being at Amherst Massachusetts.

The school offers both graduates and undergraduate programs. The programs are studied at bachelors’ degree level, master’s degree level and doctoral degrees. All these are offered in the various schools of these universities in Massachusetts. The following are the university faculties; the faculty of education, faculty of engineering, faculty of humanities, faculty of management, faculty of nursing, and faculty of agriculture.

Tufts University

Tufts University is located in Medford, USA and was established in 1852. With a student population of approximately 10000, this university in Massachusetts offers a variety of programs. The university in massauchettes offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.

The tufts library also offers exclusive materials for research and study. This university in Massachusetts has a number of campuses. They are four main ones. Three of these campuses are in Boston while the remaining one is in southern France. The university offers high quality training for its students. The lecturers are dedicated to give the best to the students.

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