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List Of Top Universities in New York

Published at 03/19/2012 16:37:55


New York is a very beautiful city in the heart of the US. The city attracts people from all walks of life. Others may come for vacation; others may come for business while others may come for studies. New York has some of the most excellent universities in the world. The curriculums offered in these universities are acceptable and recognized world wide. Below is a list of top universities in New York.

Cornell University

Located in Ithaca, this is the top most university in the list of top universities in New York. This is a private university with 14 colleges. Established in 1865, this university has a student population of approximately 21000 students, the student body consists of students from different countries around the world. This institution in the list of top universities offers a variety of post graduate programs and undergraduates programs.

The university has the following faculties; agriculture and life sciences, architecture and art, business, engineering, graduate studies, hotel administration, human ecology, law, medical science, medicine and veterinary medicine. The cornel library is also among the largest in the US and the students get access to many volumes of books that assist in research.

Columbia University

This is the second university in the list of top universities in New York. This is private university located in the heart of New York City. This university also has the most beautiful library in the world. The library is equipped with over 10 million volumes to read from.

The university has the following faculties; physician and surgeons, dental medicine, law, engineering and applied science, journalism, arts, architecture, planning and preservation. This university on the list of top university offers financial assistance to the students who cannot afford to pay the tuition fees. This university is alos working hard to maintain its position in the list of top universities.

New York University

Started in 1836, this is one of the top most universities in the list of top universities in New York. Located in New York City, this university offers both under graduate and post graduate programs. The university faculties include; arts and science, liberal studies, mathematical sciences, business, law, social work, among others.

In terms of enrolment and admissions, the university admits students fro all over the globe, irrespective of color, race or tribe. Student’s admission is done on merit rating and the most qualified are admitted for their merit rating. The university also as has a library for study and research. These practices make it remain in the list of top universities.

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University at Buffalo, the State University of New York

This is the fourth top most in the list of top New York universities. This university is situated in buffalo, USA. With a student population of 28000. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. The University of Buffalo further has library for research and study.

The faculties offered in this college include; architecture and planning, arts and sciences, dental m, engineering and applied sciences, law among other. The lecturers in this university on top of the list of top university are well trained and experts in their relative fields. The university campus includes south campus and downtown campus.

Syracuse University

Locate in Syracuse, this is another top most university in the list of the top universities, the university has two campuses, the southern compass and the downtown campus. The universities have a library which assists them in their research and study.

The students’ also have hostels that provide adequate hostel facilities at affordable rates. The lecturers are dedicated and have adequate knowledge and experience to teach the students.