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Top 10 Scotland Universities

Published at 03/23/2012 00:33:47


Scotland universities are considered as world’s top notch universities that provide quality education to students from across the world. The Scottish funding council provides the money required for the operational cost of the Scotland universities.
The top 10 Scotland universities are as the following-

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1. The University of St. Andrews
It is actually one of the very oldest Scotland universities and the oldest among the rest of the English speaking universities. The university is located on a specific region in the east coast of Scotland. The Edinburgh airport is very close by to the University of St. Andrews.

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2. The University of Edinburgh
This prestigious and highly acclaimed University was established in 1582. The University is located at Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. As a matter of fact, the medical degree from Edinburgh is regarded as one of the highest qualifications in the whole world. This is one major feature which makes this university very special from the rest of the Scotland universities.

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3. University of Glasgow
University of Glasgow was founded in the year of 1451and is highly acclaimed for having a remarkable traditional excellence. It is the fourth oldest University in the entire United Kingdom.

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4. University of Strathclyde
Professor John Anderson was one of the prominent figures of the Scottish Enlightenment and was the main person behind forming this prestigious University. University of Strathclyde is certainly one of the most reputed Scotland universities where you will get top quality education. In the year 1964, the University received the Royal Charter.

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5. University of Dundee
The University was founded in the year of 1881and became a part of St Andrews University in 1897. In 1967 it became an independent University and in the year 2007 celebrated forty years after it became an independent university.

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6. University of Stirling
This University has got a great place in history when compared to other Scotland universities. It was Scotland’s first university in four hundred years. It was designated as the best University of Scotland which delivered top quality sports excellence in 2008.
7. University of Aberdeen
This University was founded in the year of 1495. It is the third oldest of the entire Scotland universities. There are four Noble prizes to the credit of University of Aberdeen for the research works and activities that were conducted here.
8. Robert Gordon University
This University was founded in the year of 1750. It started as a technical college and today Robert Gordon is highly acclaimed for being a University that provides top notch education starting from UG, PG and up to PhD level.


9. University of the West of Scotland
This University was founded in the year of 1897. The main intention of forming this institution was to provide top notch vocational courses. You will be able to find 4 campuses of this University that are located at Dumfries, Paisley, Hamilton and Ayr.

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10. University of Abertay Dundee
The University of Abertay Dundee was found in the year of 1888. Initially it was known as the Dundee Technical Institute. Later in 1902 the Scottish office described the University as one of the countries’ industrial universities. University of Abertay Dundee is also considered to be one of the best Universities among all the Scotland universities that aim in providing top quality education.