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Studying in Spain is a great option for your child. Spanish Universities are one of the best in the world and you can find many of them that provide you degrees that will be perfect for you. The Spanish Universities are under the control of Ministerio de Educación. The different degree programs are of Diploma which is of 3 years, Licenciaturas is of four to five years where as Medicine is of 6 years. If you are planning on getting admission in Doctoral programs then you have to do a three years degree after completing the degree of Licenciaturas. Apart from that many Masters Programs and Specializations are offered as well. The procedure for applying to Spanish universities is that first you have to contact the Spanish Embassy or Consulate which is located in your home country. They look at your education and guide you accordingly to apply in universities. Moreover, many universities even have an entrance exam which you have to qualify before you can get admission in the university of your choice.


Spain, which is officially known as the Kingdom of Spain is a member of the European nation. Although it has a weak economy still it has managed to attract tourism to a great extent which contributes to much of its GDP. The state education is free for everyone from the age of 6 to 16. The main sport in Spain is football and the religion is Roman Catholicism. Spanish are famous for their Spanish guitars and dance and that is why you can see a lot of people flying from all corners of the world to study this great culture.


There are many public and private Spanish Universities. The top Spanish University is the University of Barcelona which accommodates around 76000 students. The university has 4 campuses which are located all over the city of Barcelona. With a total of 97 departments and 78 degree courses the university offers both graduate and post graduate programs. The next on the list is the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. The four principles that this university is built on are autonomy, freedom to select teaching staff and admission available to all students (of course with a limited number), freedom of creating its own study plans and also freedom to use the universities’ capital in what way they thought was best. The university offers 78 undergraduate courses, 88 doctoral programs, 123 postgraduate programs and many specialization programs as well.

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Spanish Universities are great for getting education because many of them are capable of competing with European universities. Not only that but studying in Spain be a great place to get education. The country is rich in culture and you end up learning a lot more than you actually planned to do. The country is famous for its arts and music and you can get many classes that teach you their amazing culture. Moreover, the Spanish universities are cheaper than universities compared to in Europe but of the same standard and quality. Also you might have to learn Spanish before going to a Spanish university as much of their education is in the Spanish language.

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