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There are many petroleum universities in the world. Few are considered to be among the top rankings. University of Texas Austin (Cockrell) is the top university of petroleum. There are minimum requirements to take the admission in graduate program at University of Texas. This requirement is set by the graduate school. Sometimes the requirements of individual program are rigorous than the graduate school. There are some additional materials which are required for submission and they set the deadlines. These materials are different for different programs. They require sample of your work, some of the auditions, letters of reference or personal statements. Applications are processed by Graduate and International Admissions Center. Online applications, transcripts, scores of test and fees are submitted by the applicants to the Graduate and International Admissions Center. You may also ask for the assistant-ship or the fellowship, if you have interest.


At the second rank of Petroleum universities, there is Stanford University. You can apply to this university online. Detailed information and instructions are provided on their official website. If you engage yourself in some kind of application process then you must review those pages and bookmark them carefully for your convenience. There are admitting departments who take the decisions of admissions. Admission university requirements are verified for this purpose. These include academic transcripts, degree conferral and scores of test etc. These are verified by Graduate admissions or office of the university registrar.


At the third rank of Petroleum universities, there comes Texas A & M University College Station (Look). According to the survey, it is considered to be the America’s Best Graduate Schools 2013. It was ranked at 13th in 2011. There are some of the individual programs, like Aerospace Engineering which is ranked at 8 public-ally; Agricultural Engineering, which is public-ally ranked 4; Biomedical Engineering which is ranked at 14 public-ally and so on.

At the fourth rank of Petroleum universities, there comes University of Tulsa- Petroleum University. They offer undergraduate programs, graduate programs and master level programs as well. The objective of their master level program is to teach the students professional engineering as well as the research. There are some of the requirements for the admissions at University of Tulsa. You should contact to the Graduate school for the detailed information and instructions. These requirements are considered to be low. Student must try to exceed the requirements which they have required for the admission purposes. That admission will be denied if the student only fulfills the minimum requirements. Applicants can be selected through out the year for the sake of admissions but the total seats will be limited for the admissions.

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At the fifth rank of Petroleum Universities, there is Colorado School of Mines- Petroleum Engineering. According to their university the student must have the basic knowledge of engineering. Natural sciences, earth science background and mathematics are also very important as a base of petroleum engineering. There are multi-disciplinary studies which are necessary for the understanding of petroleum reservoirs. They also offer financial support to the students who indicate on admission applications. They can offer that student a teacher assistant-ship, research-assistant ship or fellowships. There are 45% of the students of Petroleum engineering graduate schools who receive financial aid.

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