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North Carolina is one of the southern states in the US and shares a border with South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Tennessee. Composed of 100 counties, its capital is Raleigh, although the biggest city is Charlotte. NC colleges and universities abound in the state for those wishing to pursue undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees. There are 17 public universities and 58 community colleges in North Carolina so anyone who wishes to get a degree in this Southern US state is sure to get a quality education.


North Carolina plays an important role in the education history of the US when the first public university was established on the state in 1795. The University of North Carolina as it was known during those times is one of the reputable NC colleges and universities that exist today, offering quality education programs. It is now renamed to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Since then, many public NC colleges and universities were founded such as the Appalachian State University and the UNC learning institutions.


North Carolina is a good place to get an education because of the solid reputation of NC colleges and universities. It is home to the finest NC colleges and universities such as Duke University, Wake Forest University, and Elon University. Other popular and distinguished NC colleges and universities include the North Carolina State University, and the East Carolina University. The UNC has several NC colleges and universities such as Asheville, Charlotte, Pembroke, Greensboro, and Wilmington. There is also the School of Arts at UNC.

It not only holds the distinction of establishing the first public university in the US, North Carolina also hosts the first co-ed school for higher learning in the south. In 1837, Guilford College was established as a private school offering multidisciplinary programs in liberal arts. The school was originally founded by the Quakers or the Religious Society of Friends.

Salem College is another reputable NC colleges and universities. It is known as the first school in the south for women. Established in 1772, Salem College proposed programs in the liberal arts like Guildford College. Although it is a college for women only, its Continuing Education Program is attended by men. Other reputable NC colleges and universities include John Wesley College, Campbell University, Montreat College, and Mount Olive College to name a few.

Admission to any NC colleges and universities vary, so it’s best to check the individual websites of schools for further information. Also, the Department of Education has the full list of accredited NC colleges and universities in the state if you want to shop first for an appropriate school.

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The North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities is an association of private and public schools as well as non-profit educational institutions in the state. It covers 36 institutions of learning. The website is a good resource if you are looking for NC colleges and universities. There is also a section on how to pay for college tuition as well as the directory of universities and colleges.

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