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Minnesota,in the United States is home to many universities that offer undergraduate and post-graduate academic education. There are more than 20 universities and colleges in Minnesota of which the top 10 universities are University of Minnesota, Carleton College, Minnesota State University – Mankato, University of St. Thomas, Mayo Medical School, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University, Macalester College and Hamline University, St Olaf College and St. Cloud State University in their ranking order.


The universities in Minnesota were established to offer tertiary university education to people residing within and outside Minnesota just like any other universities and colleges in the world. These universities offer degree programs, diplomas, academic certificates, master’s degrees as well as professorship qualifications. The qualification process involves passing high school education level or mature entry such as work experience.


Universities in Minnesota are rated in terms of their student enrollment capacity, quality of programs offered as well as the diversity of the academic program they offer. This is the main criterion used to differentiate top universities from lowly rated institutions. University of Minnesota is ranked number 1 with a student enrollment capacity of 45 000 and staff compliment of 3000 to 3499, as compared to Hamline University that has student enrollment capacity of 8 000 to 8 999 and is ranked number 8.

The top universities of Minnesota have similar areas of study which are Arts & Humanities, Business & Social Sciences, Language & Cultural studies, Medicine & Health, Engineering as well as Science and Technology. All these universities and colleges of study offer Certificates or diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor degrees, Master degrees and Doctorate degrees. It is important to note that each university is unique in terms of the programs they offer and the highly ranked the University the more the programs they offer. Some universities may only offer Bachelor degrees and Master degrees only whilst others offer all qualification levels up to doctorate degrees.

Universities in Minnesota require a high school qualification as a pre-requisite requirement if you want to study for any degree program either on part-time or full time basis. Some universities admit students based on entry examinations and high school marks. Also, you can learn at any University in Minnesota through mature entry that recognizes your employment experience. There is no gender and racial discrimination for one to enroll with any university in Minnesota otherwise the entry requirements are purely your academic record and intelligence. Any university in Minnesota accepts both local and international students.

The information regarding each university in Minnesota such as the enrollment procedures, programs offered different areas of study, location, contact details, study fees and college history is available on each university’s website. For example, the main campus of University of St. Thomas is located in Summit Avenue, St Paul, 55105-1078 Minnesota.

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The top Universities in Minnesota provide full-time and party time tertiary education to both local and international students. If you want to further your education and obtain a top degree qualification, you can enroll with any of the top universities in Minnesota.

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