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Top 3 Nursing Programs At Universities Of Tennessee


Nursing is a noble profession; serving for humanity gives eternal bliss to the people involved in learning and teaching human services. Tennessee is a state of USA located in the southeast; this state has more than 70 colleges and universities offering diversified education in many professional and academic faculties. There are many universities in Tennessee offering nursing education. Among the top listed universities, some are: Vanderbilt University, Universities of Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University, University of Memphis, and East Tennessee State University. There are around 47 institution approved by Nursing Board of Tennessee. There are top 3 nursing programs at universities of Tennessee.

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East Tennessee State University (ETSU) is a state controlled institution. It was founded in 1911 and situated in Johnson City; it has around 10,000 registered students. Students consider it a real opportunity to pass the induction process, which is transparent and trustworthy. ETSU is offering nursing education to the undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral levels. They have qualified and accomplished faculties who share their knowledge, skills and experience with the future nursing leaders. Its undergraduate and post graduate programs are fully accredited by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

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Research programs offered by ETSU are highly informative and interests of the faculty members are evident from the results of students’ doctorate. Different scholarships for quality students are also offered, and students have to fulfill the academic criteria to attain such honor.

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Among other Universities of Tennessee, Vanderbilt University is another coin in the jewel. Vanderbilt, a private university established in 1873 by Cornelius Vanderbilt. It was ranked 19th in US News and World report. It is amongst the best institution of nursing in Tennessee providing quality education, they have qualified and experienced faculty. Although the institution is privately owned but the average undergraduate tuition fee is around 30 to 35 thousand USD. Several nursing programs are being offered by this University of Tennessee and among which the prominent is their ‘bridge’ program which has earned laurels throughout the country and proved to be a model program.

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They have the latest technology and equipments for training of their nurses. University campus is not more than a mile and half away from downtown. Its nature friendly building snuggled with natural beauty in the cosmopolitan city is like the oasis in the desert.

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Another best university among other Universities of Tennessee is Middle Tennessee state university. This is also a state owned university situated in beautiful city of Murfreesboro; it came into being in the year 1911. This university is offering undergraduate and post graduate education in the field of nursing and became a hallmark for the nursing education. It also provides education in other faculties and has a total strength of 21,000 students who came from all over the world. Tuition fee of Middle Tennessee state university is also affordable ranging from 5,000 to 15,000 USD. This is highly privileged university affiliated with National League for Nursing, Tennessee Board of Regents, American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International and Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 03/27/2012
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