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Top 5 Dental Universities in The Us

Published at 03/20/2012 14:24:47


Rating dental universities is not very easy due to the ethical standards that must be considered in the profession. Most dental professional will in doubt say that it’s not proper to rank dental schools since each of the colleges provides education with unique characteristics. In spite of the difficulties involved in ranking dental universities it’s still possible to rank dental schools according to certain unique characteristics and what they off

The following are some of the top dental universities in the US:

University of Maryland, Baltimore (Baltimore College of Dental Surgery)

The colleges are reputed as being the first dental school in the world and no doubt the pioneer of dental education. As result of having pioneered dental work in the world it’s quite easy to see why its rated among the top dental universities not only in the US but also in the world.

The founders Drs. Horace and Chapin have made great contributions in the field of dentistry. The college boasts of unique post graduate programs such as in pathology are some of the highly recognized post graduate residency programs in the state offered by the school.

Harvard University, School of Dental Medicine

Its renowned as one of the first ever university-based dental school in North America thus making it among the top dental universities in the US. The school has a legacy that cannot be overlooked as Harvard is known the world over for being leading educational facility with high ranking in the world.

The Harvard dental school has a strong backbone in research and has obtained strong legacy in research discoveries made within its walls. As one of the best dental universities in the US the school is known for its ability to transform laboratory knowledge in to practical and solid curriculum offered to students.

University of Texas Heath Sciences Centre, San Antonio Dental School

The school is rated as one of the best dental universities with have a great combination of solid foundation and faculty. A sense of cooperation enhances the atmosphere contributing to the ability of the school to excel.

The college believes in allowing the students to choose from a number of electives which course they want to major in and then goes in to overdrive to assist the students to achieve the best in their chosen field. Excellent training and extensive exposure easily makes the school one of the best dental universities in the US.

University of North Carolina, School of Dentistry

The school boasts of strong educational programs which make it qualify as one of the best dental universities in the US. It has strong sense of community service with relevant programs that seeks to give back to the society. This school is easily voted as one of the top dental universities due to its high performance across all the required benchmarks for top ranking medical colleges.

University of Michigan, School of Dentistry

Is one of first dental schools which was loosely associated with a university and has played a major role in making dental health become a true profession. One of the reasons why it’s rated as top among the dental universities in the state and the country is due to the high standards of education offered within its walls.