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the Best Denmark Universities With Mba Programs


Denmark has many universities, graduate schools and colleges that offer higher educational programs in areas such as engineering, computer science and other relevant areas. Some of these Denmarkuniversities only have undergraduate programs while others have both undergraduate as well as graduate programs up to PHD level. The following are some of the top Denmark universities offering MBA programs:

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Aalborg University

This is one of the Denmark universities that offer research and teaching programs to the highest level in Humanities, Social sciences and Engineering. The college of Esberg became part of Aaborg University in 1995 thus expanding the school. Aaborg University has three faculties with each of them boasting several departments which includes; the Faculty of Engineering and science, Faculty of Social science, and Faculty of Humanities.


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Aarhus School of Architecture

The college boasts of being one of the best graduate Denmark Universities with the following departments; Aesthetic department, Architectural Heritage Department as well as Department of Architectural Design. The school also has a number of special departments offering optional course to both students as well as special instruction courses.

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Institute of Biology, University of Southern Denmark, Odense University

One of the top Denmark universities offering Physical Oceanography 1 and 2,Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography as well as Marine Geology and Pelagic Processes in Coastal waters

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Chemistry and Applied Engineering Science, Aaborg University

Instructors at this college are quite professional thus elevating the school as one of the top Denmark Universities. The educational programs at this top school is widely known for being well researched involving both students and instructors alike.

One of the reasons it the college has kept its place among the top Denmark universities is because the school not only use problem-oriented project work but also have lectures and workshops as well as laboratory work in order to offer students holistic exposure in their area of study.

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Copenhagen Business School

The school boasts of about 14,000 students with an annual intake of about 1,000 exchange students. There are about 400 full time researchers and approximately 500 administrative employees. The CBS as the college is popularly referred to have one of the largest business school in Northern Europe.

Its research programs are recognized the world over thus making it one of the best Denmark Universities.CBS focuses on particular target areas such as Internationalization, Partnerships and Business community.

Dalum Technical College

Students at the school are expected to perform well based on personal commitment as well as practical exercises, information research and project work. Its well researched programs easily rank it as one of the top Denmark universities.

DTU Technical University of Denmark

Just as the name suggests the school leans more towards modern technology operating at a higher international level thus making it one of the top Denmark universities. It has a wide range of graduate programs such as biotechnology, nano-technology, communications technology as well as development of modern technologies.

Engineering college of Copenhagen

It boasts of being the largest Engineering school of its kind in Denmark, a good reason why it’s rated as one of the best Denmark universities in both undergraduate and graduate studies. Areas of study include Civil Engineering, Electronics and computer engineering as well as Electrical Power and IT Engineering.

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