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About Ireland Universities

Published at 03/20/2012 14:23:02


There are many Ireland Universities, while some are constituent colleges of other universities others are full-fledge universities. These Ireland Universities seek to offer the best education to both local and international students at both graduate and post graduate levels.

Ireland Universities includes:

Trinity College Dublin

As one of the premiers among Ireland Universities education here is pursued through research, scholarships and teaching which are at the core of the Trinity College. It was founded in 1592 as is one of the oldest Ireland Universities as well as being among the older colleges in Western Europe.

The university has a modern facility with state of the art laboratories, libraries as well as IT facilities which stand alongside the historic buildings.

University College of Dublin

It has been in existence for more than 150 years thus producing some of the world’s remarkable surgeons, entrepreneurs and some of the prominent figures in Ireland. As result of having been in existence for so long the college is easily associated with the history of the country and thus is recognized as one of the popular Ireland Universities with a great reputation.

As Ireland forges new relationships with international partners the college plays a central role having been part of shaping the Irish state as it is today. The college will always hold a special place in the heart of the Irish people and also among the Ireland Universities as one of the early pioneers of quality education.

University College of Cork

The college was initially established back in 1845 and was part of the three Queens’ colleges in Belfast, Galway and Cork. In 1908 it became part of the National University constituent college and a constituent University of the National University in 1997 through legislation .

Its one of the Ireland Universities with beautiful settings in a cosmopolitan area. The revival of gothic style main buildings has made it quite a sight to behold while its proximity to Cork City centre has made one of the favorite Ireland Universities since students are able to walk and commute to the campus.

Dublin City University

The college is built on 85 prime acres and is one o the best known Ireland Universities for its entrepreneurial programs. The college boasts of a full student life and leisure facilities as well as a beautiful campus only 10 minutes away from the city centre .

The DCU as its popularly known incorporates the best of both worlds; the cultural benefits of city life and social bustle of campus life. Even with the security concerns and vibrancy of a university campus close to the city the DCU prides itself as one of the top Ireland Universities with excellent programs in the country.

DCU has a student population of about 11,500 while about 2,000 are non Irish students from all over the world. As one modern Ireland Universities it’s known globally for excellent programs as well as being very committed to education and research. It has a vibrant life and voted by Sunday Times as University of the Year in 2010.