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the Top 5 Asian Universities


Asian Universities are located in the most populous continent covering about thirty percent of the earth, and a total population of well over three billion people. This has necessitated development of better universities and tertiary institutions to meet the growing demand of education and knowledge. Below is a list of the top 5 Asian universities.

Top Asian Universities

Peking University

This is one of the best Asian universities located in China offering quality education to its students. It has a motto that recognizes diligence and innovation as a pillar in their education system. The university admits students from all over the world, Its international stature makes it be recognized as one of the top Asian universities. The total enrollment in this institution is over thirty five thousand students has a dedicated teaching staff of about four thousand five hundred who are highly qualified and motivated. The support staffs at this university understand quite well the diversity of students and are out to make their stay more comfortable, in addition the university offers online courses for working students who are not able to attend classes in person.

Top Asian Universities

The University of Hong Kong

This is among the top Asian universities founded in 1911, its motto is wisdom and virtue and basing on this the administration have managed to establish a better learning environment. It has a very large population of over five million but this has not compromised the quality of education that it gives to the students. This institution offers from certificates of less than two years to doctorates degrees, ranging from humanities to engineering, medicine, health to science and technology. Being mentioned as one of the best Asian universities, it accepts no particular religion as a basis of faith in the institution. Generally instructors encourage everyone to follow desires of their hearts but should desist from infringing on the rights of others.

Lingnan University

This is one of the Asian universities located in Hong Kong education for service being its motto, it was founded the year nineteen sixty-seven and since then has been able to transform the lives of student by offering quality education. It has a population range of about five million in its location, the numbers of subjects that are studied are many, but the faculties are spread from humanities to sciences. Certificates and diplomas cover less than two years before you graduate the same as associate degrees which, take the same period of time. Masters and doctorate degrees are offered in language and cultural studies, business subjects being offered are taught by only qualified staff to ensure those graduating are legible to tackle economic issues intellectually. This is a reason why Asian universities offer subjects having an inclination on economics and business.

Top Asian Universities

Aga Khan University

This is among the best Asian universities with a record of accomplishment in the world of academia founded in the year 1983 to become a center of intellectual excellence. The course levels at this institution vary as they offer from the simple certificates to the complex doctorates of engineering, preparing the students take up positions based on merit. The admission is open to anyone who is qualified you will only need to take simple tests to be approved on the subjects of interests. The campus has an urban setting that is the best for anyone that is willing to take a course in better Asian universities. The total number of Asian universities receiving high ranking are many, it only seconds those in Europe.

Asian University Bangladesh

This is cream of Asian Universities that has created new niche in the academic field, it is dedicated to try to boost the education standards of women. Established less than twenty years ago, the university that is privately owned has been on the forefront of establishing a reliable gender sensitive work force against the tides of traditions that have marginalized women. It offers business courses, arts and even engineering courses. Its excellent performance is recognized by the type of skilled human resource, it releases to the market.

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