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Top 5 Universities Of Europe

Published at 03/20/2012 14:57:57


Europe is one of the most advanced of all the continents technologically and has an education system that puts emphasis on quality. Most universities of Europe have been in existence for a relatively long period, meaning that the culture of scholarship was nurtured in Europe. Though small in surface area, it attracts the best scholars who are want to broaden their intellectual capacities. The top 5 universities of Europe include:

Cambridge University

This is one of the universities of Europe that has been acknowledged as a center of excellence and it is highly rated in academic circles. Founded in 1209, it is undisputed breeding ground for knowledge. The motto being from here, light and sacred draughts it has shown the light of knowledge in all the faculties including sciences.

You are able to pursue skills in sciences to the doctorate levels, admission of best international students increases its ranking among Universities of Europe because of superior performance. Many world leaders have been admitted in this university including more than ten British prime ministers who have exuded knowledge in their endeavors.

University of Oxford

As one of the oldest universities of Europe, it has been tested and refined in the way it handles knowledge and students at large. This university was established several centuries ago in 1096; it is located in Wellington square in England and you can study any subject in humanities and sciences including atomic science. Selectionof students is done on merit after passing the admission exams you, you proceed to the course of your choice.

The total population is about twenty five thousand, and total staff over five thousand. The library is equipped with reference material dating back to the Elizabethan age, with a teaching staff that is bent on passing on knowledge research is a tool you will find quite essential in this best of the universities of Europe.

University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh admits both local and international students like most of the universities of Europe that have declared knowledge to be universal and anyone can pursue to satisfaction. It is one of the oldest institutions in Scotland and Europe as a whole, being founded in 1582 and has a reliable record of giving the best in academia.

It widely accepts students who are going for short course taking two years as well as those who are engaging in long-term research at doctorate levels. This is one of universities of Europe that is multilingual, teaching the students both in the native language and foreign concurrently.

University College London

This is amongst the universities of Europe founded on the dawn of the nineteenth century in 1826, its motto being let all come who by merit most deserve reward. Standing by the dictum it has managed to produce and nurture talent to maturity, located in London the home of early intellectual colleges.

The university offers broad spectra of subjects to doctoral levels including science and technology, admission is by merit assessed by the marks you got, both genders accepted. It has more than twenty thousand students and a teaching staff over five thousand, it has stood as a reputable institution amidst universities of Europe. It is located in an urban setting making it reliable and exposed to the different cultures found in London.

Freie Universitat Berlin

This is one of the universities of Europe that has derived its name from the native German language ,when translated the name means Free university Berlin. Its stand by its motto of truth, justice and freedom when you dig deeper you will realize it is agitating for the freedom of the intellect bestowed to humanity.

This is one of the universities of Europe that was founded in 1948 when the world was recovering from a devastating war, it offers all the major courses to the highest doctoral degree. It also admits both genders on merit and has one of the best facilities amongst universities of Europe that deal with technology.

The population of this institution is well over thirty thousand students with a staff of about three thousand, its suburban location offers serene environment for intellectual development. Without doubt it is one of the best located universities of Europe.