List Of Non Accredited Universities In USA
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List Of Non Accredited Universities In USA

Published at 01/27/2012 05:19:09

How to Choose Your School

List Of Non Accredited Universities In USA

When people go to colleges and universities, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing which school to attend to. Students have the options to choose going to traditional colleges or just online universities. There is also the option to go to a public school or get the most out of private schools. These options are actually dependent on the person who will be attending school. But there is one important thing that has to be considered wherein the answer should be easy. In deciding whether to choose a school which is accredited or that which non accredited universities, people should have one quick and easy answer—accredited.

What Accreditation Does

List Of Non Accredited Universities In USA

But what does accreditation means to the schools? Accreditation is one way of making sure that quality education is being promoted and provided by the colleges and universities. The accreditation is being done by private educational associations. These accreditation agencies tasks are to investigate the organization and determine the academic value of the university or college. If these schools can meet the standards or criteria set by the agencies then the school or university get the accreditation.

Accredited And the Unaccredited

List Of Non Accredited Universities In USA

The accreditation of universities or colleges may fall in any of the two categories which are regional or national.
Those universities or colleges that are granted regional accreditation are accredited for their own scope. There also designated agencies that are to assess the accreditation of universities who get the accreditation. Some schools are also able to get national accreditations. There are also certain accreditation agencies that are designated to asses those universities that can pass for an accreditation. Regardless of what accreditation your university has, it is important to know that your school is accredited. Being in a university which is not accredited has its own disadvantages. Schools that got no accreditations have no academic standards. The certificates and diplomas that you get out of them can be non accredited universities. These universities can also offer you online courses that are not properly prepared and are non-related to the course. Once you graduate from a non accredited universities, the diploma you received from them are considered worthless. These may be cheaper when you enrolled in them but eventually you will find out that you were just wasting money because all you got from them are not recognized and accredited. Don’t compromise your education just because you don’t want to spend a few bucks on education. Unaccredited schools are actually expensive considering that you are paying for something which gives you nothing valuable.

List of Unaccredited Universities

In the U.S., there are a lot of schools which are accredited and can give you quality education. These universities and colleges are always trying to maintain the same level of competence with their education. However, there are also schools that are still non accredited universities. These non accredited universities and college need to be avoided for they can only be a waste of money if they can’t get accreditation. You can get the list of these unaccredited schools from the Council of Higher Education Accreditation or the accreditation agencies.