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Public administration involves the implementation of government policy and an academic discipline that studies this implementation and prepares civil servants for this work. To define it in other words it is the translation of politics into the reality that citizens see every day and the study of government decision making, the analysis of the policies themselves, the various inputs that have produced them, and the inputs necessary to produce alternative policies.


Public administration as a discipline evolved in 1887. Today since the discipline is more than 100 years old we find that many changes have occurred diversifying the discipline to such an extent that it has crossed the boundaries and become an entire field of study. Thousands of Different universities all over the world today offer various programs and degrees in this discipline like Masters in Public Administration (MPA), Master of Public Affairs (MPAff) and Master of public Police (MPP), Graduate programs, PHD etc.


The Public Administration Universities in their public administration (MPA) and public policy (MPP) programs integrate theory and practice in scholarship, teaching, and service and embrace multiple perspectives for advancing critical analysis and practical knowledge of public policy and public administration. These Administration Universities welcome both full-time and part-time students in all or some specific degree programs. The two-fold purpose of the public administration universities is to provide professional excellence in education and training for public service and to promote the idea of public service.

The courses offered at the Public Administration Universities normally involve Budgeting, Resource Management, Public service, Non-Profit, International relations, Healthcare, State Government and Local government etc as the major subjects to be taught as the Administration Universities aim at developing and growing each student’s analytical, administrative, and leadership skills in preparation for a career at the highest levels of public service.

These Administration universities that offer these degrees are very competitive; as a result, they set their own admission requirements. However, in the Bachelor’s degree, the university usually looks at the student's standardized test score and their GPA in high school, and a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is required.

For masters Degree discipline, the Administration University requires students to have a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0; nevertheless, those with lower GPA are also encouraged to apply. Moreover in addition what they require is to complete certain pre-requisite courses in the Bachelor’s level such as a statistics course, a macroeconomic course, and a government course. Usually, various essays, recommendation letters, and a successful Bachelor’s diploma is required.

For completion of the Masters degree The Administration University requires the students to have completed a thesis in their respective Master’s level discipline, in addition to having earned a high GPA. The students accepted for the Doctorate program are those who have excelled academically in their Bachelor and Master’s level and the completion of the program requires the completion of minimum number of credit course, and strict evaluation of dissertation that is mandatory.


In short Public administration is centrally concerned with the organization of government policies and programs as well as the behavior of officials, usually non-elected ones, formally responsible for their conduct.

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