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The current makeup of degrees calls for extensive research facilities to fulfill the requirements of daily presentations, research papers, and thesis papers. If any research paper lacks sufficient information, it is rejected or under graded by the professors and lecturers alike. Therefore, research facilities are required not only for Masters and PhD Degrees but for undergraduate programs as well. Sacramento universities have numerous resources and libraries which provide this service in their own unique ways, and their strengths differ.


California State University Sacramento is regarded as providing excellent quality education along with outstanding research facilities amongst other Sacramento universities. This university was founded as the Sacramento State College in 1947 and has a diverse student body of almost 27,000 along with outclass faculty boasting higher educational degrees. Every year this college awards round about 6000 degrees to students who can pick from 58 Undergraduate degrees and 28 Master’s degrees. Moreover, specialization on to post-doctoral degrees can be obtained too. Their General Education Honors Program is constructed specifically for high achieving freshmen. Such a high end university obviously cannot survive without a good research department. This research department caters not only to the educational requirements but also fuels the personal drive for knowledge. This research department also aids the faculty in providing students with outstanding information from reliable sources.


Sacramento universities provide these facilities in the form of traditional libraries with books and encyclopedias, etc., whereas the more conventional method taking precedence in many universities worldwide is online libraries. Basically, this implies that limitless amounts of information can be accessed online through the official websites. However, students need to provide their IDs and passwords which are obtained while gaining admission. This security method has been enabled to avoid unauthorized people from viewing the information provided. The California State University Sacramento has the most extensive library services of all universities. The library holds around 1.2 million volumes, 4,444 e-books, nearly 5,000 periodical subscriptions, 12,847 audio/visual materials along with maps and government documents. The volumes cover a diverse range of subjects including the arts, sciences, general knowledge, math and even finance. The e-books are up to date and can only be accessed by students or faculty members.

Another worthy mention of Sacramento universities goes to Drexel University for Graduate Studies. They provide great research library facilities. Moreover, the library staff is extremely friendly and their job description includes being available at all times to the students through phone or text messaging even. It’s necessary for them to provide services at least 80 hours a week answering any assignment and research related enquiry. Students at Drexel University also have privileges to carry out required research at the Sacramento Public Library System. This is one of the Sacramento Universities that provide books and e-books on business, education, information sciences, and other subjects to satisfy the hunger for information. The database is easily accessible using the DrexelOne ID and password. Print resources can be shipped and scanned on request.

Tips and comments

Sacramento Universities are doing a reasonably good job at providing research facilities to the students. However, they should keep the information constantly updated. Moreover, the librarians should assist the students with any problem they might face and keep the library maintained and inform the admin about any changes required. Only then can effective research facilities be maintained.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/25/2012
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