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When you think of Vermont, you may have visions of beautiful woodlands and farms, ski resorts and tall maple trees that yield many gallons of sap that is processed into tasty maple syrup each winter. Beyond being an excellent tourist destination -- especially for those who love the great outdoors -- the state also has a rich education culture. The institutions of higher learning include Vermont universities with a great track record among scholars. A number of the graduate and post-graduate schools are designated colleges. There are, however, several institutions that are labeled as Vermont universities that serve the state's students. For state-operated universities, Vermont offers only one. It is the University of Vermont. Other similar, but smaller, institutions are Norwich University and the Union Institute and University. Select the school which will best meet your ongoing educational needs.

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As the largest of universities, Vermont offers the University of Vermont in Burlington. Located in a gorgeous geographic setting, the university offers degrees in the liberal arts and sciences. It is a comfortable fit for students seeking education in fields ranging from the artistic to engineering, mathematics and medicine. In addition to a rigorous program of academic studies, like all universities, Vermont educators also realize that social and recreational endevours are important to make well-rounded graduates. Due to its location near the Adirondack and Green Mountains and Lake Champlain, there are many opportunities for outdoor sports endeavors. Many of the students grew up in the state, so they are adept at the sports that win the universities Vermont and national championships, especially in winter sports. Even if you are not a student you may want to visit the campus to fully enjoy the historic architecture and beauty of the main campus in the small town of Burlington.

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The next largest of the universities, Vermont is home to Norwich University. This private academic institution with approximately 5,000 students enrolled each year is a private military school. In addition to a very busy academic schedule, students are expected to learn the skills and mindset necessary for an ongoing military career. In its early days, the school became known for its Reserve Officers Training Corps. That program, often refered to as ROTC, is now found in colleges and institutions across the nation -- not just universities Vermont has nurtured. Athletics programs and organizations are an important part of the school's strength. Among the universities Vermont offers its students, this is one where competition is a highly favored quality.  

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The smallest of the universities Vermont is home to, the Union Institute and University has situated its Montpelier Academic Center in the capitol city. Although the university is based in Ohio, it offers a strong academic program to Vermont residents that enroll in the courses offered in this satellite campus. Often considered an alternative to classic university schooling, it caters to mature students who may live near the campus or commute from nearby communities. Many of the courses are offered online and through distance-learning programs. The university's affiliation with the New England Culinary Institute ensures that students enjoy the finest dining experiences possible.


For students and their families who enjoy campus visits before enrolling in universities, Vermont offers some of the most scenic locations. Many prospective student families turn their campus tours into a full weekend of vacation-like enjoyment in the area surrounding each destination.

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