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What Are Commonwealth Universities?


Commonwealth Universities is considered to be the oldest university association in the whole world which was established in 1913, with 500 member institutions in over 30 countries. Nowadays, Commonwealth Universities utilizes its expertise and experience with new dynamic activities in order to meet the requirements of its member universities.

Commonwealth Universities offers scholarship and also publishes annual yearbook in order to provide its member universities definite information regarding higher education. Included in their main activities is to assist member to develop the productivity of their human resources as well as the exchange of students and staff from one country to another member country. This exchange will lead to information dissemination about certain issues that may affect their organization, especially issues that may be important to them.


Upon the initiative of the University of London in 1912, 53 universities meet together to hold a Congress of universities of Empire. One of the most important matters that come up is the decision that they must establish a bureau of information for the universities of the Empire and there must be a committee that will generally manage their affair in both home and overseas universities.

In 1919, the Bureau was incorporated to provide universities of the Empire adequate funds for the school maintenance and the Bureau was then changed to the Association of Universities of the British Commonwealth in 1948. Eventually, it became Association of Commonwealth Universities in 1963 upon the issuance of royal charter during its jubilee year. In 1986, one of the most significant events is when Her Majesty the Queen has agreed to become a Patron of the Commonwealth Universities.


Commonwealth University continues to provide adult education, with teachers always available to offer their services and guide students through their learning development. This university has a group of expert faculty which share important matters, and they are well motivated to render quality services. The graduates show a remarkable success on whatever degree they wish to venture and learn.

For Bachelor of Arts and of Sciences degree, you have to accumulate a total of 120 points in order to obtain the degree, and this will be based on your credits whether the majority of points are based on arts or in science. Upon graduation, a transcript of record is being issued to compile all your credit points, and this is issued not only as a proof of graduation but to show all your credit points as well.

For master’s degree, a total of 40 points must be accumulated, and you have to undergo certain assignments where your performance will be evaluated by a tutor. Doctor’s degree on the hand requires 50 points beyond the master degree since it is primarily designed for scholarship purposes, research, and organized inquiry.

All students are provided a maximum of one year to finish undergraduate courses, while master’s and doctor's degree are often required to be completed within three years.

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If you are one of those who are willing to boost your education, you may as well consider the opportunity to be in Commonwealth University. It actually helps you reach your ultimate goal by providing you quality education and ultimate teachers and staff.

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