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Getting prepared for college is a huge step in someone's life. When deciding which university to attend and what your major is going to be, you may want to consider what your passions are, what you're good at and what type of degree you're aiming for. If you're interested in biology, you may want to consider some of the most popular and top biology universities.

Great Universities With Biology Programs

When it comes to biology universities and their biology programs, there are a plethora of great schools offering excellent academic programs. Give the following biology universities a gander and see which one suites your needs:

Boston University
Brown University
Carnegie Mellon University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Penn State University
University of Connecticut
Yale University
University of Virginia
University of Pennsylvania
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Northwestern University
Vanderbilt University
University of Chicago
Purdue University

The above biology universities are just a few out of the extensive list of biology universities. It's best to use the internet as your resource tool when trying to find the best university with great biology programs.

Fields of Biology

Another thing to consider when looking for biology universities is the area of study you're most interested in. There are several different areas of study in biology and some may intrigue you more than others.

Biochemistry: Biochemistry is one of the most popular areas of study offered at biology universities. Biochemistry involves studying the most basic life processes. Some of the most important things a biochemist does are studying DNA, genetics and cells.

Animal Biology: Animal Biology is also a very popular field of study at biology universities. Animal biology involves studying and specializing in the animal kingdom. It also involves wild life management and conservation strategies.

Parasitology: The study of parasitology is also increasingly becoming popular within biology universities. The study of parasitology is the study of bugs and parasites. It is the basic study of parasites, how they infect hosts and the relationship between the two.

Neurobiology: Neurobiology is also another common field of study within biology universities. Neurobiology is the study of human behavior, pertaining to the brain. It is the observation of psychological functions and the study of how the brain performs in humans.

Immunology: Immunology is another common study in biology universities. Immunology is the study of the immune system and is a branch of the biomedical sciences.

Tips and comments

When deciding which biology universities to attend and what sub category really interests you, it's best to speak to your guidance counselor at your high school. Guidance counselors can help you broaden your perspective and decide which study of biology would be suitable for you based on your personality, your grades and your SAT scores. There are so many biology universities to choose from that it can almost seem like an impossible task. It can be beneficial to you to ask your family and close friends what they think you'd be great at. Sometimes, getting a second opinion is one of the best things you can do when deciding which college you'd like to attend and what major is best for you.

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