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5 Top Canadian Universities


Canada is one of the countries which has some of the best highly ranked Universities in the world offering the highest standards of education. Below are the top five Canadian universities:


Gill University

Located in Montreal, this University has the most internationally diverse student body among the medical-doctoral Canadian Universities as almost 20% of their students come from outside the country. McGill University is renowned for Innovative research programs, international exchanges, internships, field study, study abroad programs, cutting edge facilities such as their life science complex and various extracurricular activities. This is one of the top Canadian universities with a world-renowned faculty of Medicine that has four affiliated teaching hospitals churning over 1000 health care professionals annually.

University of Toronto

This is the largest Canadian university which is recognized as a global leader in both research and teaching. University of Toronto if one of the top Canadian universities that continually attracts students and academics from around the world. The university is strategically located in and around Toronto which happens to be one of the most diverse regions in the world thereby giving the academic life a unique degree of cultural diversity. This is also one of the top Canadian universities known for its wealth of innovative academic opportunities and distinguished faculty.

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University of British Columbia

This university is one of the largest Canadian Universities leading in both research and teaching. This university attracts both students and academics not only in Canada but also over 135 countries in the world. Students gain international education as their degrees are recognized all over the world. University of British Columbia is one of the top Canadian universities whose programs do not merely teach facts but rather encourage problem-based learning which help students develop analytical skills to help them express ideas powerfully. Students also have limitless choices when it comes to choosing extracurricular activities.

University of Alberta

The university is one of the top research-intensive Canadian Universities leading the way in research and discovery which attracts the brightest minds from over 130 countries in the world. This university also boasts of world-class facilities such as the Canada National Institute for Nanotechnology in their main campus. Thanks to the university leading research and teaching, University has won numerous awards which have enabled it to also receive a lot of external research funding. The university is one of the top Canadian universities that support a multicultural atmosphere in a vibrant research environment.


Universite de Montréal

This university is the largest university in Quebec and the second largest in Canada. The immigrants in Quebec have given the town a multi-ethnic character that has made it be considered as one of the most cosmopolitan Canadian Universities. This is one of the major research centers in Canada complete with state-of-the-art facilities whereby students get to work alongside internationally recognized specialists. As one of the top Canadian universities, Universite de Montréal offers programs in almost all academic fields which that they have something for everyone who gets accepted into the university.

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