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Top Ranking Universities in Mississippi

Published at 03/21/2012 21:41:24


Mississippi is a great state not only in terms of good weather and sceneries, but also in terms of high quality top ranking educational facilities. The Universities in Mississippi are of world class standard and produces some of the best graduates who fit perfectly in the labor market. The universities in Mississippi consist of lecturers who are well trained and experienced hence resulting to high quality graduates.

Mississippi State University

This is the highest top ranking universities in Mississippi. It is a public university and is located in Oktibbeha County in Mississippi, and offers various faculties. The university offers a variety of programs that include accounting, business and economics, agriculture and life science, arts and science among others.

The universities in Mississippi also participate in sports, and the students have active participation in football and athletics. The university also has a library located in the main campus. The library contains many volumes of research books and articles that assist the students in their research.

University of Mississippi

Located in oxford Mississippi, this is the second most top ranked university in Mississippi. The university was established in 1844 and it has a history of offering some of the best programs both locally and internationally. The university has five campuses; the main campus is located in oxford while the other campuses are located in Tupelo, Grenada, Southaven and booneviw.


The university in Mississippi offers various programs in various faculties. The faculties include agriculture and life science, faculty of architecture and design, faculty of arts and science, faculty of business, faculty of accounting, faculty of education and psychology and faculty of science and technology.

It also participates effectively in sports and it has one of the best athletics team. The university has a big library containing large volume of books, to assist students in their researches.

University of Southern Mississippi

University of southern Mississippi is a public university located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. This university in Mississippi was founded on March 1910. The university has evolved with time and is now among the top ranked universities in Mississippi. The programs offered in the university are of high quality and recognized world wide.

The faculties include the faculty of arts and letters, faculty of business, faculty of education and psychology, faculty of health and faculty of science and technology. The university also offers online programs for those wishing to study from home. The universities in Mississippi also boast of the Hattiesburg campus library that is well equipped with latest books and articles to assist the students in their reaches.

Jackson State University

Jackson state university is also a top most ranked university in Mississippi offering a variety of programs. The university was founded in the year 1882 and has a good reputation of producing high quality graduates. The university is located in Jackson state, Mississippi and offers a variety of programs.

The faculties include; the faculty of business, the faculty of education and human development, faculty of liberal arts, faculty of engineering and technology among others. The university in Mississippi has a Library in Jackson state and it provides the students with good study and research materials.

Mill Saps College

This is a private university, started in 1890. Despite it being a private university, mill Saps College has proved to be among the best in terms of academic achievements. The universities of Mississippi produces high quality well trained graduates each year.

The programs offered in this university include Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and bachelor of business administrating, master in business administration among others. This Mississippi College is known to produce excellent graduates each year.