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Top Universities Of Wisconsin

Published at 03/21/2012 21:40:37


Wisconsin a state in north central US and is the largest city in Milwaukee. The state has amazing educational facilities; ranging from highly trained brilliant lecturers to good modern facilities. The state hosts several universities that produce high quality and competent graduates. The graduates from these universities of Wisconsin can work in other parts of the world, and gain direct entry to other institutions.

University of Wisconsin Madison

This is the top most public universities of Wisconsin. Located in Madison, this university offers some of the world wide recognized programs. The university faculties include agriculture and life, faculty of business, faculty of education, faculty of public health, faculty of human ecology and faculty of tertiary medicine.

This universities of Wisconsin is ranked 41th position world wide. The university’s main campus is located in Madison. The university owns a large library consisting of volumes of materials that are necessary for students’ researches and study. Also the university features museums which have some of the great geological artifacts.

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

This is also a public university situated in Milwaukee neighborhoods. The universities of Wisconsin offer high quality education and it’s the biggest university in the region. The university offers the following programs; architecture and presentations, biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, clinical psychology, nursing, mathematics, physics and others.

The Universities of Wisconsin boasts of its large Golda Meir library that features large volumes of books that assist students in their researches. The universities of Wisconsin also excel in sports and indulge in games like athletics, football, and hockey among others.

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Established in the year 1916, this university flies its flag high, with its exemplary excellent performance in academics. It produces high quality graduates who receive direct absorption to the labor market and entry to other universities to continue their studies.

Located in Eau Claire, this universities of Wisconsin offers the following faculties; faculty of business, faculty of communication, faculty of education, faculty of English and history, faculty of psychology and faculty of nursing. The university takes part in co curriculum activities and actively participates in sports activities such athletics and football. Also the Universities of Wisconsin owns a library that is widely used by students in their researches and study.

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

This is a public university located at the point. The universities of Wisconsin produce quality academic giants both locally and internationally. The university owns a television studio where local news within the university is Aired.the University also participates in sports such as football, basketball, base ball among others.

The programs offered in this universities of Wisconsin includes; bachelor of business, bachelor of psychology, Bachelor of Science nursing, biological sciences, computer science among others. The universities of Wisconsin boast of its large library that provides the student body with adequate materials for reference during their researches and study.

Medical College of Wisconsin

This is a private university of Wisconsin and a medical school in Milwaukee. The college produces high quality competitive medical staff who can work both locally and world wide. The college offers various levels of academic training that include M.D, Ph.D., M.S and M.P.H.

The programs offered in this universities of Wisconsin include biochemistry, biophysics, molecular genetics, public and community heath, clinical and translation science,. The lecturers are highly qualified experienced scientists who engage in post doctoral researches and come up with the best training procedures for the students.