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Marine biology is the scientific study of organisms in the ocean or other marine or brackish bodies of water. It is the study of life in the oceans and other saltwater environments such as estuaries and wetlands.

The basic idea behind introducing marine studies is that less than 5 percent of the oceans of the world have been discovered so far so it is worth imagining that how much life needs to be explored where 95 percent of the oceans remain undiscovered on the planet which is 70 percent water. Although many people are familiar with the term marine biologist only a few of them realize that a job with a title marine biologist really exists. A marine biologist might be a biological technician, a nucleologist, a fishery biologist, marine mamologist, a microbiologist, an analyst, or a mathematician. So in reality marine biology is one complete science in itself.


The Newport universities have developed and supported research, education and public outreach to help people understand, responsibly use and conserve ocean and coastal resources. These education programs by the Newport universities are dedicated to increasing marine science literacy across the full spectrum of education, both in the classroom and in daily life, for people of all ages and backgrounds. A range of concentrations and an interdisciplinary option are available at the Newport Universities providing marine education. Graduate certificate programs in Marine Resource Management are available. For undergraduates the universities offers research experience and oceanography minor. The universities offer the Marine Resource Management masters degree, and masters or doctoral degrees in Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.


Areas of Concentration in these programs in Newport universities are Coastal Processes, Policy and Hazards, Fisheries Management, Marine Pollution and Coastal Water Quality, Marine Conservation, Specific Skills Emphasis on GIS and Remote Sensing, Policy and Planning and Communication and Marine Education Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) is a marine science research and education center next to Yaquina Bay of the Pacific Ocean in the U.S state of Oregon in Newport city. It is operated by Oregon State University Newport (OSU) in cooperation with five state and federal agencies co-located on site. The marine biology programs offered by the Newport Universities are research based and all in collaboration with Hatfield Marine Science Center.

As part of that effort, the Newport universities provide formal classes and labs for students of all ages, professional development support for science teachers, and a broad range of formal and informal learning opportunities for the visitors and students who visit them each year. Students can take part in high-quality, place-based education programs including interactive and live animal exhibits, wet lab programs, seminar series, demonstrations, videos and field-based experiences.


The Newport universities require those interested in pursuing masters, graduate or under graduate degrees in marine resource management to provide the statement of objectives indicating reason for pursuing advanced degree, Long-range plans, Specific area of research interest, Discussion of research problems and previous research results, Relevant experience and special skills; CV or resume; recommendation letters from those who have assessed the potential for success in graduate school; official sealed copies of all transcripts, GRE scores and for international students whom English is not their primary language must submit TOEFL scores as part of their applications.

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