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The University of Oxford is located in Oxford in the United Kingdom. It is the second oldest university in the world and it is the oldest surviving university a country where English is the primary language. Although the date this school was founded cannot be determined, it is estimated that it be began at the end of the 11th century. It grew rapidly in the 12th century when foreign students of the University of Paris were expelled in 1167. Since then, Oxford universities has become one of the top universities in the world and the quality of its English department is one of the reasons why.




The English department at Oxford universities was established in 1894 and has the largest English department in the UK. It has almost 200 faculty members, of which almost half are permanent professors. It also has almost 1,000 undergraduate students and more than 300 students who are studying for their postgraduate degrees. Oxfords universities covers every period of English history and literature, so it one of the main schools considered by students with high academic achievements and goals. Oxford universities recently broadened its scope to also include the study of film and world literature.




One reason why Oxford universities is such a highly south out place to study English is that it has an excellent research department. It has access to both popular recent research sources and it also has access to obscure hard to find research items, many of which are several hundred years old. Its research staff constantly updates the schools research library to offer the best sources for its students.

Undergraduate Oxford universities students study the history of English literature from the beginning to the present. Students are taught by using tutorials that are limited to one or two students per tutor and classes. This offers each student an effective combination of individual attention and the advantage of discussing their ideas with their follow students. In addition, students also attend lectures by other faculty members for many of Oxford's other colleges to broaden their learning experiences. First year students will study to prepare two or three papers per term and each paper covers a particular period in history (Early Medieval, Victorian and Modern Literature). Each paper may have a separate tutor who is considered an expert in those periods in English literature.

Second and third year students have one paper they must submit on Shakespeare in addition to at least one other paper they are required to write on English Literature from 1350 to 1830. These students can choose a special program where they are allowed to study Medieval Language and Literature, which covers English literature from 650 to 1550.

Oxford universities also offers options for postgraduate study. The first is a nine month masters program, M. St in Literature in English or a two-year masters course, M.Phi. in Medieval Literature. The school also offers two to three year research degrees.


Tips and comments


Anyone considering attending Oxford universities should prepare for intense competition  because merely have a great grade point average will not be enough to be accepted. In addition to good grade, potential students should have a well-rounded extracurricular activities that help them stand out from many of the other applicants.

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