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Jamaica is an island located in the Caribbean. Children from Jamaica tend to get the best education worldwide. Jamaica is an English-speaking country, with English as their first language and patois as their "mother tongue.” As a child one attends basic school or Kindergarten, and then All Age or Primary, at primary school the child is allowed to take the GSAT exam which gives the child placement at one of the High Schools in Jamaica. In Jamaica, a child attends high school for five consecutive years. After High school, then there is college, depending on the course that is been taken at college one can spend up to four years in college. In order to attend universities in Jamaica one has to complete at least three to four years in college. There are five top universities in Jamaica, Northern Caribbean University, University College of the Caribbean, College of Agriculture, science and Education, Micro University College, University of Technology and The University of the West Indies. These universities in Jamaica are accredited and offer various degrees.


You can complete a bachelor's degree which would usually take four years, then a Master's degree, which would be another two years. After that you can take a doctorate at the universities in Jamaica. The more qualified a person is the better it will be in regard to getting a top paying job. Different courses offer different levels of qualification. Most universities in Jamaica offer classes in Biochemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Management Studies, Creative Writing, Engineering Science, Fine Arts and English language. It can be very expensive to attend universities in Jamaica. Most students apply for student loans or a personal loan at a recognized bank. Payments would have to be per month to the lending institution, including interest. Some Universities in Jamaica allow students to live on campus, while with others, students can work part-time and attend school in the evening.


When attending universities in Jamaica one has to be focused and to be successful one has to study hard. Students are allowed to participate in sports and community activities while attending universities in Jamaica. Some students, who do exceptionally well, graduate with honors from universities in Jamaica. Sometimes students from other country attend universities in Jamaica on the student exchange program. The universities in Jamaica are well secured; each campus has well trained security guards. Students have to abide by set rules otherwise they will not be allowed to continue their courses. Some courses offered can be done online.

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Northern Caribbean University is a Seventh - day Adventist Institution and is governed by the Adventist beliefs. It is ranked as one of the best universities in Jamaica, it comprises of a library and a university church. They offer doctoral and master’s degrees and require a 3.00 GPA for admission. Hence Northern Caribbean University is a graduate and post-graduate institution that offers programs in science, business, religion and education. Some universities in Jamaica require a 4.00 GPA for admission.

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