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Top 5 List Of Florida Universities

Published at 03/23/2012 15:57:34


The state of Florida has quickly become one of the places with reputable academic facilities. Several schools have been included in the top list of Florida universities where students can pursue great careers.

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Florida is one of the states with several universities and colleges that offer high quality education recognized both in the state as well as the whole country. Though there are many institutions of higher learning in this region not all of them can make it among the top list of Florida universities. The five on the list of Florida universities have not only gained state acclaim but also global acknowledgement as best schools around.

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The University of Florida is one of the biggest academic facilities in the state making it easily in to the list of Florida universities. It boasts of about 35,000 undergraduate students in the compound at any one time. The school was established in 1853 and has grown rapidly to have about 150 colleges of research and centers scattered all over the region.

Its one of the schools that enjoys the public ivy designation and is reputable for excellence in academics. The students in the school enjoy a thriving student life as they are free to join organizations as well as engage in sporting activities.

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University of Miami was established in 1925 and in the list of Florida universities for being non-sectarian institution of higher learning. The school is located in the center of the metropolitan Miami with a student body of about 10,000.Students in this school enjoy boundless opportunities for academic as well internship programs.

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Florida State University is located in the city and is known to be a leading institution of higher learning which is one of the reasons its included in the list of Florida universities. Its the 2nd largest universities in Florida with student population of about 31,000. Some of the programs offered in the facility are always in high demand and so considered very competitive to get admissions.

Miami Dade College has the advantage of being centrally located in the urban settings and is the largest of its kind. Its unique in that it began as a junior college and grew to what it is today as well as having a high number of students 51,000+ so getting a place on the top list of Florida universities.

University of Central Florida is in the list of Florida universities for being the largest facility in terms of undergraduates in the state. It was established in 1963 to train technicians for Kennedy Space center but has expanded to include other academic programs.