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Top 5 Colleges And Universities in Louisiana


Louisiana is greatly endowed with cool weather, and also has some of the most amazing high class colleges and universities. These institutions admit thousands and thousands of students from all over the globe. The university offers high quality academic giants who fit readily in the world labor market.

These colleges and universities in Louisiana certificates are also recognized world wide by both employers and other institutions.

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Tulane University

Tulane University is one of the most competitive among colleges and universities in Louisiana. The university is located in New Orleans and offers some of the most amazing and high quality education and training. The university has a history of excellence and producing competent students whose qualifications are recognized both locally and internationally.

Established in 1834, this brilliant university has a student population of approximately 7000. The university has several campuses with the main campus located in New Orleans. The other campuses include satellite campus, law school campus and health sciences campus in down town.

The faculties in this colleges and universities in lousiana include; faculty of science and engineering, faculty of social; work, faculty of public health and tropical medicine, faculty of business and faculty of architecture.

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Louisiana State University

Established in 1860, this university has for years maintained its high standards of quality training and education, among the colleges and universities in Louisiana. The university is located in Baton Rouge. This university produces high quality graduates who are readily absorbed in the labor market. The university has amazing facilities that ensures the students get the best out of their studies.

The library at troy Middletown is fully furnished with volumes of books and databases on research and study articles. The university offers an array of courses at various levels. The programs include agriculture, arts and design, humanities and social sciences, business, veterinary medicine and engineering among others. These colleges and universities also has museums that feature great students work

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University of Louisiana Lafayette

Located in Lafayette Louisiana, this is one of the best universities and colleges in Louisiana. This university features high quality dedicated and experienced staff. The university was established in 1898 and offers a wide variety of programs from various disciplines.

They include nursing, education, business administration, social science, arts and design among others. The colleges and universities in Louisiana students also participate in co curriculum activities, an 8 lane athletic field has been prepared for training. This university was established in 1898.

Southeastern Louisiana University

This is one of the top colleges and universities in Louisiana. This university is located in Hammond lousiana and offers some of the most excellent career choices. The career choice includes program such as science in nursing, education, business administration, art and designs, tropical medicine among others.

The colleges and universities boasts of its high quality lecturers who sufficiently train students and ensure they get the best of the training. The university students also participate in sporting activities such as athletics, football and baseball. The colleges and universities in Louisiana further have a library that contains materials that assists students in research and studies.

Louisiana Tech University

Among the colleges and universities in Louisiana, this is on of the most affordable. The university offers some of the most high quality studies and has a history of producing the Louisiana’s top cream. The university main campus is in Louisiana while the other campuses are south campus, enterprise campus, barks dale campus.

The university offers numerous programs that include engineering, arts, education, health sciences, business, arts among others. The colleges and university in Louisiana students also participates in sports activities hat include; athletics and football.

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