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the 3 Top Universities in Massachusetts


This is a state of great wealth and offers a conducive atmosphere for study. Universities in Massachusetts are some of the top most in the world as well. They offer high quality training to students and mould them into the best in their professions.

These universities are have a history of success and the students from these universities in Massachusetts are competitive and are the best while in their field of practice. Below are some of the best universities in Massachusetts.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is one of the top universities in Massachusetts. Founded in 1861, this top ranking university is located in Cambridge. The university has a student population of approximately 11000. This top university in Massachusetts has an outstanding history of great performances and qualifications.

The students enjoy from its array of great resources ranging from high quality modern facilities to great qualified and highly trained experienced lecturers. The top universities in Massachusetts offers a variety of faculties, they include civil and environmental engineering, faculties of science, faculty of humanities, faculty of art and social sciences, mechanical engineering, computer science and engineering and mathematics.

The college also has a well equipped modern library having a 5 subject facilities and over 500 online data bases. These great endowments are enjoyed by the students who use them to research and study. The universities of Massachusetts have a museum featuring most of the students work and other great artifacts.

Harvard University

This is another top excellent universities of Massachusetts. The university is located in Cambridge and has over the years proven to be among the best, both in terms of quality education and high competent academic giants. The universities of Massachusetts were founded in the year 1636 and have gradually risen to the top of the ladder to compete with eth world best.

The campuses include main campus in Cambridge, then medical campus, Allstop campus among others. Students are enrolled from different parts of the globe on merit basis. The faculties in this university include faculty of science and environmental engineering, faculty of nursing and health sciences, faculty of law, faculty of art and sciences, faculty of general studies, faculty of health and rehabilitation, faculty of business, faculty of medicine, and faculty of tropical medicines among others.

Boston University

This universities of Massachusetts is located in Boston, the university was founded in 1839, and the university has for years proved high quality academic individuals who are easily absorbed in the labor market. The university has various campuses and they include the Brussels campus, the Dubai campus, London campus, Los Angeles campus, Sydney campus among others.

The universities of Massachusetts also offers excellent faculties, they include fin arts, faculty of arts and sciences, faculty of communications, faculty of engineering, faculty of general studies, faculty of law, faculty of medicine, faculty of theology, faculty of public health and faculty of dental medicine.

All these array of programs equip students with knowledge that they require in different professions. The universities of Massachusetts have a well equipped library that contains large volumes of books and data bases hat assists students in their research and studies.

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