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About Nevada Universities

Published at 03/29/2012 22:31:57


Nevada is a state in the United States. It is located in the northwestern United States and it is the largest state in terms of square meters. Eighty five percent of the land is owned by the federal government and that includes most of the universities in the state. Nevada is a mountainous state with most of the ranges having valleys between them creating some very good sites for hiking and sightseeing. Nevada is a big state and hence has very many universities. It is therefore able to accommodate the large number of young men and women who finish their high school education every year. Nevada universities are highly ranked with some of them being among the top 500 universities in the world.
They have schools of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Journalism, Computer Science, I.T and also school of Business. They also offer computer science which is mandatory in today’s job market. Their libraries are fully equipped with the latest text books and resource centers with very fast internet connection. They have the best facilities for their Engineering and Medicine laboratories making them the best. Nevada universities offer Engineering courses that are recognized worldwide for large scale testing of models and structures. The engineers who graduate from Nevada universities are recognized worldwide. They can work anywhere because their work is known to be impeccable and the best.


All work and no play would make the young students lives dull, but with Nevada universities, there is never a dull moment. Nevada universities recreational facilities are the best especially football and athletics. Apart from being the leaders in education, they also produce the best athletes and footballers in the state with rugby, basketball and swimming not being left behind. After a long day the students can exhale after their class sessions by taking walks in the rugged terrains. The mountains and their vegetation offer some very good sites for relaxation.


Nevada universities offer accommodation facilities for those students who want to stay in the campus. The hostels have got learning facilities and students of the same academic interests are housed together to help in sharing of ideas and also in forming of discussion groups. Regular tests are done to the students to make sure that they are not on substance abuse. This makes sure that they don’t waste time in illegal activities and that they achieve their main goal of enrolling in Nevada universities.

Tips and comments

All Nevada universities have a Student Media which is partially run by the administration but most of the work is done by the students. The students do all the underground work but they have to have the administrations go-ahead for any publication or airing to be done. These media houses in the universities serve as hands on experience for those who are studying journalism and other media related courses such that when they are released into the job market, they will be familiar with how things are done.
Enroll in any of the Nevada universities, and you will get the best education.