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Illinois is attracting each year a large number of students from all over the state. The number of Illinois colleges and universities is large, and so is their variety. There are many reasons for which people are choosing Illinois to study, from the blue summers, barbecue festivals, to sailing opportunities on Lake Michigan. They can take relax in the study breaks at historical parks, on the stadium or at concerts. There are more than 60 parks in Illinois offering to students the possibility to hike, boat or camp. Another aspect that is attracting students in large number, are the wide possibilities to obtain a job and develop a career in Illinois.

About colleges and universities

There are many websites providing lists with Illinois colleges and universities, and additional information about each of them. In Illinois the colleges and universities are either private or public schools, offering specializations in various domains as economy, public services, law, medicine, education, etc. In general the Illinois colleges and universities are coming with a high reputation, superior studying conditions, and many career opportunities, especially for those that have benefit of a postsecondary education. On the website of each college and university, visitors can learn more about the admission policies, student services, academics, athletics, and not only. Illinois can be the educational answer for many people, due to the many possibilities available for obtaining a place to work, and for developing a successful career.

Types of colleges and universities

At present students are having a large number of colleges and universities from where to choose. In general these studying institutions are divided in: private colleges and university, and public colleges and universities. The selection is wide for both public and private educational institutions, as well are the online degree programs. There were counted 26 private colleges, 43 private universities, and 12 public colleges and universities, activating currently in Illinois. The public colleges and universities available in Illinois are the following:

  • Chicago State University
  • Eastern Illinois University
  • Governors State University
  • Illinois State University
  • Northeastern Illinois University
  • Northern Illinois University
  • Southern Illinois University, with institutions in Carbondale and Edwardsville
  • University of Illinois system, with institutions in Chicago, Springfield, and Urbana-Champaign.
  • Western Illinois University

Illinois Colleges and Universities are spread from north to south, and are also including some renowned institutions as the University of Illinois, Northwestern University, and De Paul University.

After studies opportunities in Illinois

The economy of Illinois is strong and wide, and mainly based on agriculture, energy and manufacturing. Studying at one of the Illinois colleges and universities, can offer the possibility to get a job at one of the top employers, which are currently operating in the following sectors: financial, educational, health care and insurance. Some of these top employers are the Allstate Insurance Company, Abbott Laboratories, Chase Bank, the University Hospital Loyola, but there are others more. The occupations from Illinois registering the most openings are the accountants and auditors, elementary school teachers, general managers, lawyers, management analysts, secondary school and postsecondary teachers, registered nurses. But to enter in one of the fields mentioned above, a postsecondary education is required.

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