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Durham, not a large city compared to other important centers in the United States, hosts one of the highest rated universities. Duke Universities have an interesting historical background. The institution as a whole was founded by James Buchanan Duke in 1924. It represents a memorial to the founder’s father, and as you noticed, it does not rank among the oldest institutions. Nonetheless, it is among the best and it has developed a magnificent educational centre where you can study business, law, medicine, arts, engineering and many others. Undergraduate and graduate studies in different fields, well-equipped laboratories, libraries and a great campus life define Duke Universities. Here you will find some of the best teachers in America who have their own way of making the most out of their fields. Choose to study at Duke and you will not be disappointed.

Duke’s Highlights

 Some of the most important places at Duke Universities are Duke Chapel, The Duke Libraries and The John Hope Franklin Centre. The first one represents its symbol and it is located right in the heart of the Gothic West Campus. The most intriguing thing about this place is the fact that Washington Duke and his sons are entombed here. Services are held every Sunday at 11 a.m. During the academic year, Tuesday and Thursday are the days for evening services. The second one is a great place to exchange cultural ideas, research on various topics and develop your general knowledge. There are four separate libraries for those who study Business, Divinity, Medicine and Law. The library has an official website where you can find a search engine that will help you save time. The last highlight has an important significance due to its programs in humanities and social sciences. It also hosts many debates on topics such as race, globalization and equality. People engage in these topics and find it a very interesting place to share their points of view.

Some of Duke’s Departments

Duke Universities are very well-known, especially when it comes to medicine, athletics, culture and science. Duke University Medical Center provides a student all he needs in order to become a specialist in the field. The university’s hospital plays a key role for those enlisted in this program. It also includes two community hospitals and affiliations with others. Athletics makes its presence felt through The Blue Devils, which is the university’s football team. Apart from that, sports are highlighted by the men’s basketball team, the women’s tennis team and the men’s lacrosse team. Games are part of the main activities unfolded in Duke Universities. Culture is outlined by performing arts, the centre for black culture, the Duke Gardens and exchanged programs. Getting in touch with foreigners and developing a multiculturalism background is very important, thus students organize many events and spectacles and have the opportunity to interact with people from various cultures.

Entry Requirements

In order to be able to apply to Duke University, you need to pass an SAT or ACT test. The requirements are not so strict, but you have to prove that you are worthy of this university. You will also need to write one or more essays and pass an interview. Therefore, you need good communication and writing skills. However, even if you pass, the tuition fee is somewhere around $ 40,000. Be sure that you are not only able to attend it, but also afford it.

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