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Studying in the United States is not a decision you take over night. However, if you arrived at a certain point where you feel that this is what you want, then you would need to do some research concerning the academic programs there. When you decide to apply for a college or a university, you need to take into consideration many factors such as location, reputation, majors and tuition. These are only the basics concerning the institution you want to attend. Therefore, do not neglect life expenses, accommodation, cultural background and opportunities depending on each area. The possibility of choosing from a list of American colleges and universities is a chance that will determine your future, thus you need to have a clear mind when you do that.


The Association of American Colleges and Universities was founded in 1915 and it represents a leading national organization that has among its priorities the quality and the vitality of undergraduate education. It offers many details concerning the US educational system and it develops programs and projects, which are very useful for students, teachers and others involved. American colleges and universities benefit from the support of AAC&U, which has as primary goals a guiding vision for liberal education, inclusive excellence, integrative and intentional learning, authentic evidence and civic and global engagement. The association is very well-known for its creative meetings that bring together teachers and students from different fields. People who had attended the former meetings testified that they are very useful and powerful; they make your mind work, and sometimes it even produces wonders and great ideas. The AAC&U is a great asset for undergraduate liberal education.

A Short Overview of Programs

American colleges and universities offer a wide range of possibilities. You can choose from a complete list of programs according to your needs, expectations, financial situation and location. In the US you have the possibility to study for an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree if you want to consider undergraduate studies. If you already have a BA, you can apply for a master’s or doctoral degree. Nonetheless, this option will also depend on your major due to the fact that you may want to continue your studies in a professional field such as law or medicine. Apart from these, you can also attend English programs. These courses are offered by hundreds of American colleges and universities and they will help you improve your English skills because you will study the language at a higher level. Last but not least, you can opt for a short-term programs like exchange programs, non-degree programs, internships or distance education. There are plenty of opportunities and all you need to do is to decide which one fits you best.

Prepare for “Take Off”

When you will be just one step closer to leaving your home and head for America, you must be sure that you are prepared. Do some research concerning plane tickets, your country’s policy, documents you need and things that may happen. You do not want to stick your head in the clouds and deal with surprises that may affect everything concerning your depart. Gather all the pre-departure documents and materials and afterwards make the travel arrangements. You are about to change your life, therefore you need to prepare all beforehand.

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