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Massachusetts is a state in the New England region in United States. It is bordered by Connecticut and Rhode Island to the south, and New Hampshire and Vermont to the north and New York to the west. The eastern side of Massachusetts lies the Atlantic Ocean. Massachusetts has played an important role in the cultural, historical and commercial history of America. It was the first US state that enacted municipalities to appoint teachers and establishing a grammar school in 1647. The Massachusetts is officially known as Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The universities of Massachusetts are pride of United States of America.


In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts there are over 100s of higher educational institutions. The Universities of Massachusetts offer bachelor degrees, master degree, doctoral and researches courses and institutes with special focus. Many of the Universities of Massachusetts are private but non-profit institutions, there many for profit institutions as well. The Universities of Massachusetts are administered by their own system under University of Massachusetts while there are many others belong as a part of 15 Public Community College network.

The oldest school in the Universities of Massachusetts is Harvard University, founded before the American Revolution; it is a member of the Ivy League. Ivy League is the name of an athletic consortium that comprises eight higher education institutions; the name of these institutions has connotations of educational excellence & social elitism. The name of Ivy League is commonly referred these eight schools as a group. The schools under this group are: Harvard University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, Columbia University and Brown University.


Here are the names of the five oldest Universities of Massachusetts
Name of the University / Founded / Location / Classifications / Control / Enrollment (No: of Students)

Harvard University Boston University / 1636 / Cambridge / Research University / Private / 25,690
Nichols College / 1815 / Dudley / Special Focus Institution / Private / 1,477
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences / 1823 / Boston / Special Focus Institution / Private / 3,626
Boston University / 1839 / Boston / Research University / Private / 32,053
Mount Holyoke College / 1837 / South Hadley / Baccalaureate / Private / 2,204

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The five Institutes with maximum number of enrollments are:
Name of the University / Enrollment (No: of Students) / Founded / Location / Classifications / Control

Boston University / 32,053 / 1839 / Boston / Research University / Private
University of Massachusetts / Amherst / 25873 / 1863 / Research University / Public
Harvard University / 25,690 / 1636 / Cambridge / Research University / Private
North Eastern University / 24,434 / Boston / 1898 / Research University / Private
The first computer in the world was invented at MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge in 1928.
The first public schooling system was introduced in Boston in 1635. The Boston Latin was the first public school in USA. The name of the first elementary public school in USA is Mather School founded in 1639 in Dorchester.
The first college in USA is Harvard University founded in 1636.