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Economics is the most popular field of social sciences. Pursued by millions of students all over the world, economics is becoming a popular choice amongst students all over the world. Needless to say that there is a huge list of universities and schools which specialize in the field of economics. Amongst these, certain universities obviously stand out because of their education standards and student output. This article covers those economics universities which stand out and are considered as the best in the world.


Currently there is a huge demand of economists all over the world due a general economic downfall that is being faced by many countries of the world. With this there has been an increase in interest amongst students to pursue a higher education in the field of economics. Of course with an increase in demand of economists there came a need for good education in economics hence an increase in economics universities and schools was observed. Within last few decades this field has bloomed a lot. In past where there were just US and UK universities popular in economics education, many other universities have now also begun to grasp an acclaim in education of economics. Currently there are many excellent and respected economics universities in the world which have excelled in the field of economics. These universities house a great number of students and are producing many brilliant economists that may bring a change in the current state of economy.


Though there may be many great economics universities all over the world, U.S and UK universities still are at the top when it comes to economics education. According to various current lists the top 15 economics universities belong to US and UK some of which are: Stanford University, MIT, University of Cambridge, Oxford University, University of Chicago, Princeton University, Yale University, New York University and Columbia University. Without a doubt, the best university for economics in the world is the Harvard University. This great American university is actually the best university for almost every field in education hence it is not a surprise that it leads in the world of economics as well. Next to Harvard, London School of economics is considered as the second best economics university. American and UK universities may be at top, but they are not the only best. Some other popular economics universities are: university of Toronto (Canada), University of Melbourne (Australia), National university of Singapore, Mc Gill University (Canada), Monash University (Australia), Peking University (china), Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), University of Bergen (Norway) and University of Dublin (Ireland).

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All these economics universities not only have high standards of education but they provide maximum exposure to the students and produce great economists. People from all over the world head toward these universities to pursue their degree in economics. The best thing about pursuing economics degree of high standards today is that there are a lot of great universities to choose from. Now Harvard or Stanford or LSE are not the only universities left. Great universities from Asia and Europe are almost equally good if not better.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/24/2012
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