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Over the past 500 years, France has been the major power with a strong cultural, economical, military and political influence in Europe around the world. During the 19th and 20th century it was announced as the second largest colonial empire of the time. France has the world’s largest nominal military budget, the third largest military in NATO and EU’s largest army. France has the best cities that attract the most tourists each year. People love the French culture along with their food and friendly environment. France is one such aspiring destination where students dream to continue their academic career in prosperity, where as each year hundreds of students visit France for educational purposes. France is recognized for the quality of education in the arts and sciences.


There are all kinds of educational levels provided in France, education levels like primary, secondary, higher education, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. Majority of the students who travel to France consider studying in higher education level, which means taking admissions in different universities of France. Before you get an admission in any universities France, you should know that the higher education funds are provided by the state, which makes the fees very low, and the tuition varies from 150€ to 700€ depending upon the university and level of education.


Health insurance is provided by the university, till the student reaches the age of 20years, but before that all you need to pay is for the books and living. After the age of 20 the student needs to pay 200€ a year which will cover most of his medical expenses. The public universities France are named after the nearest cities that they are located, followed by a numeral if there are several. For example Paris has thirteen universities labeled Paris I to XIII. There is a major advantage if you studying in universities France, which is that during your higher education period you will be chosen as an intern, then later on if they think you are capable enough you can get a professional job and earn while your studying. This can ease of the living expenses and other educational expenses.

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Universities France is offering literally all kinds of courses. These courses include engineering, arts, medical, sciences, research etc. The universities France offering you these courses are well known and they have been established for decades now. The staff is highly educated in their level of field, and will give you the maximum amount of knowledge that you require. Gaining an admission in these universities does not seem to be a problem, as they have seats for international students reserved for them, which means people in France cannot take those seats even on the basis of Merit. For admission in these universities France you can always check their websites, they give you a proper detailed introduction about the university at first and tell you about the subjects they offer. If you have the chosen the subjects for yourself then you can always give an online exam for admission, they will contact you after analysis and most probably call you for further interviews.

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