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Published at 03/31/2012 19:05:56


Counseling universities are distributed all over the world. counseling universities offer degrees in counseling and also guidance. In the present world there has been a rising demand on the curses. This has triggered many universities and colleges to offer the degree course. The number of counseling universities has been on the rise due to some of the following factors affecting the youth and students mostly. Drug and substance abuse, taking of alcohol by many students, health needs mentally, suicidal acts, sexual harassment and assaults increase in the university environments, depression of students among other problems affecting the students fraternity. Each year counseling universities an increase in the number of students attending the schools. Medication indicates that there has been a rise in the number of students which have mental illnesses as a result of drug abuse. The number of counselors and teachers to the number of students in counseling universities is quite high.


The problems which are targeted during the teachings are;testing,abuse of alcohol and other drug subatances,guidance and counseling, assistance during times of crisis, doing consultations by students, advising on how to deal with depression, organizing outreaches to sensitize students on the importance of living good lives, carrying awareness on Hiv and Aids in the schools, training of the students among other services which will help them become responsible citizens. Many students have behaved in the wrong way by engaging themselves in behaviors that are misleading and therefore they have caused a major change negatively in their lives and also academic performance. Counseling universities also focus on how to advise the students in meeting their educational goals while avoid the use of drugs and bad habits.


Counseling universities became famous in the 1940s.this was a response to the veteran needs during the Second World War. They dealt with formal education and vocational studies. An association was formed as a result which focused on guidance and counseling. This was in the mid eastern countries which expanded the opportunities of having guidance and counseling universities. There were numerous collaborations and associations which came up as a result. The services also attracted the public centers because of the accessibility. The counseling universities centers started offering services to the public generally, students at the college level, individuals, married people, assessment on people’s personalities and characters, guardians and parents, uviversities and college administrations. The services were campus based and targeted the people in the campuses as well as outsiders.

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Later there was a formation of post doctoral studies where by students could further their education in counseling universities and be able to secure a good job as a result. The programmes led to the establishment of present day counseling universities. The need since then has been rising all over the world. In every nation most of the public and privately run institutions handle courses in guidance and counseling. This is due to the increasing pressure of the modern societies today. Counseling universities let students be exposed to reality by proving a good way of carrying out all their life issues well. The counseling universities have thus reduced the risks of all the vices in many societies in the world. This improvement has seen us change living standards and encourage people to have good lifes.Students have improved generally by the coming of counseling universities.