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Published at 03/27/2012 22:59:01


The city of Tennessee has several colleges and universities and every one of these educational institutions has some special offerings for its students. The largest educational school in the state, the University of Tennessee has its main campus in the city of Knoxville and has contributed towards the provision of quality education provided by Knoxville universities. In addition to this university, there are several other colleges and universities that are operating on smaller, as well as medium scale operations. The students come from all over the world to seek admissions in these Knoxville universities. So, if you are also planning to obtain a professional education from Knoxville universities, than the below mentioned Knoxville universities are the best option to consider.


The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
The University of Tennessee is the largest university in Knoxville, as well as in the entire state, and has enrollments to about 21,000 students in under graduation programs and 6,000 students in graduation programs. Moreover, the departments within the public university are nine for each under graduate, as well as graduate programs. The ranking among Knoxville universities of UT has 52nd rank. There are several academic highlights of the university and many foreign students are seeking admission in these Knoxville universities. In order to obtain more information about the Tennessee University, you simply log on to its official website.


South College
Among the business based Knoxville universities, the South College, formerly named as Knoxville Business College is a private educational institute and offers four-year graduation programs which offers real time professional development. In addition to business related degree, the South College is offering a variety of graduation, as well as under graduation programs, which has made it a very popular educational institute among Knoxville universities. Moreover, the academia process is also very smooth and the students get to learn every aspect of their respective subject. These and many other factors have positively contributed towards the popularity of this Knoxville university which moved it to a larger area in the western part of Knoxville in the year 2006 and have more facilities than before.

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Knoxville College
Among the popular Knoxville universities and colleges, the Knoxville College is a very popular college and the highlighting point of this college is that it is categorized among the historically black colleges. It was established in the year 1875 and in the year 1931; the college started offering a four-year degree program to its students. Among the Knoxville universities, the Knoxville College has a higher rate of enrollment and is basically offering educational services to the African-American students.
There are several technical institutions in the city of Knoxville which are providing high class technical education to the students. These technical schools and colleges have excelled in offering career making education in several aspects, which includes engineering technology as well as computer technology. Moreover, there are several technical colleges and schools in Knoxville are offering certificate programs, as well as associate degree programs. The universities and colleges in Knoxville have gained much reputation among the educational institutions that are spread in the entire country.