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The universities scholarships allow a large number of students with reduced financial possibilities to benefit of higher education. However, those students have to prove they want to study, and that they could bring great added value for the university. The majority of the universities have a scholarship program, but the number of students that can benefit of those options is limited, and this is why you will have to study a lot if you are looking for such an option. The universities scholarships are approved differently, considering the educational system in the respective country. While in the European system, the universities scholarships are approved considering the grade of admission of the students, in the American system, the activities of the student and his previous implication in the studying process are determining factors.


In the American system, if you are looking for universities scholarships, you will have to volunteer for different activities. In fact, students that are looking for universities scholarships should see volunteering more like an obligation. The scholarships are not necessarily approved for brilliant students that have A+ to all the activities, they are looking for open minded students that are able to solve problems, that are implied in the community, people that have social and leadership skills. Of course, the grades and the results of studying are also important, and you will never see a C student being approved for universities scholarships.


In the European system, the grades of the students are determining. At the beginning of every year, the students are classified considering the results they had for previous exams, and then the universities scholarships are approved for the best students. This system has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, we can say it is an objective system based on fixed goals, but it does not encourage practical skills and implication in the activities of the community.
The American system has a special system to determine the students that are entitled to universities scholarships. It is another assessment method. Here, you will have to finish a project, but just accomplishing the tasks is not enough. You will need to add something original to the project, to state your own ideas and innovations, and only then, the project will be rewarded with a scholarship. This way, the opinion of the teacher is reduced to minimum, and from this point of view, the American system is considered objective.

Tips and comments

The universities scholarships are important not only because they will allow some students to study without paying the taxes, as they will also represent an important addition to the resume of the respective students. A fresh graduate that managed to keep the universities scholarships for the whole duration of the studies will be considered of high potential and the potential employees will surely consider this as an advantage. Moreover, the projects and activities those students had to do to keep this scholarship will also develop some great skills that will surely be useful for the future employee, and that might be useful in the future activity.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/27/2012
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