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Performing Arts Universities In Los Angeles

Published at 03/30/2012 00:13:27


Los Angeles is widely known as an entertainment town in the world. It mainly comprises of the young people this has been proven lately by a census done recently that three quarter of the Los Angeles population comprises of the youth. This high population of youths has led to the rising up of arts universities where people go to find degrees in arts. As people seek these degrees they look to find the best performing arts universities in Los Angeles. These will help some of the youths get jobs in television and film and reduce the level of unemployment in this town. Below are some of the performing arts universities in Los Angeles.

Performing Arts Universities In Los Angeles

First we are going to look at the best arts university in Los Angeles and that is the University of California in Los Angeles. This university is a full university offering other programs apart from music and arts, however; it is one of the best performing arts universities and it is also recognized worldwide. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in music departments and in many other degrees in areas of music. Some of them are B.A.s in music performance, masterpiece and education; there is also a graduate department that will offer M.A.s in music composition and music for visual media and also performance.

Secondly we are going to look at the California institute of arts. This is also in the ranks of the performing arts universities in Los Angeles. To the locals it is commonly known as Cal Arts. This is a unique university as it is made of five different schools where each focuses on one specific aspect of art. One is the school of theater which offers a four year BFA program and three years of MFA program. The BFA acts as an introductory program to acting courses which help students develop their own styles followed by active participation in student’s theater collaboration. The fee in this university is also very affordable.

Another university in the ranks of performing arts universities is the Occidental college. This is one of the smallest university in Los Angeles yet is a historic liberal arts college in Los Angeles an even in the country of USA. It is popular for churning out political leaders including the likes of Barack Obama and Jack Kemp. It also offers theater programs for students of acting.

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Another is the university of southern California popularly known as USC it is famous for its top notch film program. It also offers MFA in acting as well. This university offers programs that that trains the body and voice to meet the demand of performance in any arts industry. As performing arts universities it requires students to participate in courses that teach them how to act on the final year of learning there are specialty courses where students can develop their specific talents. With such a large film program at the same school, acting students have plenty of opportunity for collaboration.

Lastly in our list of performing arts universities is the University of California Los Angeles School of theater, film and television. They offer master’s degrees in film, theater and television acting, they also make sure that they offer playwriting at this university. Acting programs include voice and speech, movement, play reading and analysis. The fees in this varsity is very affordable


These are the performing arts universities in Los Angeles.