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The German Universities are renowned all over the world. Many students all over the world prefer to attain education from German Universities. The German Universities have the best facilities for the students. Besides public, there are many private universities in Germany. They have best faculty from all over the world and enjoy excellent reputation. The teachers train their student to have research in their fields.


The German Universities have well equipped labs for all the students of different disciplines. These universities offer thousands of degree programmes for the students at Graduate and Post Graduate level. The student can choose from his favorite Degree programme. The student many choose applied sciences, music or any other research oriented programme. These areas have also post graduate level.


There are a lot of Universities in Germany. Students may succeed in their education career by choosing an appropriate university. Many universities offer research based degrees. There are lots of engineering universities. University of technology is the best example. All universities in Germany got their admission criteria for national and international students.

The German Universities of applied sciences are not involved in research. These universities practice the education in practical life and also in civil service.

There are many universities which teach music, film, production and graphic art. Students who want to be an artist join these universities to show their talent. They have to pass an aptitude test.

The German universities also provide law and business education. These universities have close contact with international companies so that their graduates have best opportunity. These companies select top students.

International students have to apply to German universities through proper channel. They have to get student Visa. Student should contact to German embassy in their country and must complete all process about finance. Some German Universities have moderate fee, some have high fee. Student must get work permit and home permit. Students must look towards living cost in Germany. They have to pay house rent, bills, food, washing, telephone and other activities. Students must choose a nearby area from university for living, so they have less travelling expenditure. While studying in Germany, the student must need health insurance. Without health insurance the student can not enrolled in Germany Universities. There are two types of insurance, one is public insurance and second is private insurance. The Universities are being affiliated with these insurance companies.

The German universities included: University of Gottingen, University of Heidelberg, Technical University of Munich, University of Munich, Free University of Berlin, University of Freiburg, Humboldt University of Berlin, and Goethe University Frankfurt. The German universities also award scholarships to international students. These scholarships are awarded to top students all over the world. Students are allowed to do job besides studies.


The German universities are playing great role in providing good education. The government of Germany is continuously making efforts for the betterment of his education sector. Students are contributing in country’s progress and development. The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD is largest government support organization in the field of education. It represents 365 German higher education, 162 general universities of applied sciences, and 52 colleges of music and art.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/26/2012
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