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Top 5 Taiwan Universities


The people of Taiwan are among some of the educated population in the region and the world. Taiwan universities are quite numerous and offer world class education to both local and foreign students. Admission to the Taiwan universities is dependent on the performance that the citizens get during the national exams. It’s not very easy to make it among the top Taiwan universities as the positions are extremely competitive. Students who make to learn from any of the top prestigious Taiwan universities feel extremely honored as having your name associated with some of the best facilities is greatly coveted. The following are some of the top Taiwan universities.


National Taiwan University, Taipei

It’s also popularly referred to as Tai-Da or NTU and among the top Taiwan universities. The NTU brought a lot of honor to the country in 2009 when it managed to crack the list of the world’s top 100 universities, currently its rated number 94 in the list. It sits on large area of central Taipei and is a beacon of hope for most aspiring youths in the country. It also serves as a Mandarin training centre and has a large number of foreign students both at undergraduate and research levels.

National Tsinghua University

The school is among the top Taiwan universities widely regarded as number 2 in the entire region. The school is renowned for producing high level graduates in fields such as science, technology, engineering as well as mathematics. The school is reputed as one of the Taiwan universities which have produced a Nobel laureate, Yuan Lee who studied chemistry and won the award in 1986.

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National Cheng Kung University

The name translates into Success University; the college is good in sciences as well as being a reputable school in medical areas. Just like NTU it was founded by the Japanese during their imperialistic period when they ruled the island in the 20th century. The school is one of the top Taiwan universities rated highly by business people in the region as among the best for getting Diplomas in business related courses.

National Chengchi University

It’s tacked away in to the mountains of Muzha near the Taipei Zoo, the school is rated among the top Taiwan universities due to the teaching style and the curriculum followed. Westerners and locals alike hail it as one of the Taiwan universities that comes closest to western universities. The school is at times referred to as the politics university and is a bit open minded in its approach of education. It specializes in sciences, politics, economics, liberal arts as well as media studies. Most foreigners pursuing post graduate studies are often found here.


National Chiao Tung University

The school got its start from Shanghai, however it was later brought home to Taiwan in the 1950s. Technically its one of the oldest among the Taiwan universities. It’s a major hub for business, computer sciences and management. The school serves as a jumping off point for many of Taiwan’s electronics companies and innovation. In the region the school is fondly referred to as the Asian's Silicon Valley.

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