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About Top Ranked Universities

Published at 03/27/2012 18:59:39


There are many universities in the world and it is really difficult to rank them. The top universities are as follows:

University of Cambridge:

Cambridge University is at the first in the top ranked universities in the world. It is situated in Cambridge. There are many discoveries made from this university in the history. These discoveries include understanding the scientific method, laws of motion, development of thermodynamics, and discovery of an electron and splitting of the atom etc. There are 6 colleges in this university.


Harvard University:

Harvard University is at the second in the top ranked universities of the world. It is located in United States of America. It was situated in 1636. This institute is considered to be the oldest institute of America which is famous of higher learning. There are more than 14,000 people who work at Harvard University. The faculty is more than 7000. The popular courses of this university are engineering degrees, History Degrees, Business degrees, Engineering Management Degrees and leisure and tourism degrees.

Massachusetts University:

Massachusetts University is at the third in the top ranked universities of the world. It is located in United States of America. This university basically teaches the students science and technology and their aim is to train and make the scholars in science and technology. The goal of this university is to serve the nation and the world of 21st century in positive way. Each member of this university works wisely, creatively and effectively. Their main purpose is to work for the betterment of humanity. First student in this university was admitted in 1805. It was right after four years of the foundation of this university. There are 34 academic departments and divisions in five schools and one college.


Yale University:

Massachusetts University is at the fourth in the top ranked universities of the world. It was founded in 1701. It was first founded as a collegiate school. The first rector of this university is in Killingworth, Connecticut. This school was moved to New Heaven in 1716. There is Medical institute, Divinity School, Law School, School of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Music School. The school was made university in 1887.

University of Oxford:

It is at the fifth in the top ranked universities in the world. University of Oxford is situated in United Kingdom. Some people also call University of Oxford as “Oxon”. The foundation of this university is not confirmed. From 1096 the teaching in this university began. University of Oxford contains 38 colleges and six private halls. There are 102 libraries in this university. There are also many museums and the galleries as well.

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Imperial College London:

Imperial College London is at the sixth at the top ranked universities in the world. This university is located in London. It is actually a college of science, medicine and technology. The main campus of Imperial College is in South Kingston. There are three types of faculties in Imperial College London; like Imperial College Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College Faculty of Medicine and Imperial College Faculty of Natural Sciences.