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Published at 03/27/2012 18:35:37


The community of Oxford universities is truly international. Students currently come from 138 countries, and academic staff from 79 countries, and get education for wide-ranging subjects.


Oxford universities offer very unique form of undergraduate and postgraduate education to students from all over the world. It is distinctive as they provide a very good English form of higher educations, with admission on academic potential and ability. Oxford universities includes a wide college community having 6 permanent private halls and 38 residential colleges each monitoring its membership and with its own internal structure and activities focusing for teaching, social and sports life.


Oxford universities are more research-intensive community where instructors and researchers are conducting innovative research in disciplines from art history to zoology range. The system allows professors and students across subjects and from different cultures and countries to come together in order to share ideas their ideas in more efficient way. Oxford universities qualifications are recognized around the world. Former students of Oxford universities go on to further study or to work in many careers and professions in some of the worlds best organizations.

In the world only few universities are capable to game Oxford universities for wide research across all the major disciplines like humanities, social sciences, physical, mathematics and medicine. Due to excellent international character, new students will definitely encounter a more international noble group at Oxford universities than at almost any other top universities in the world.

Oxford limited is an independent company helpful in promoting and managing the Oxford universities brand licensing programs. All income produced contributes and donates directly to the Oxford universities so that it can be used in a wide variety of ways for providing valuable resources for the gaining benefits in academic, scientific, cultural and sporting activities across the Oxford universities community.

Oxford universities community has connections with almost every country in the world. Educational research extents all regions of the world, and challenges issues of major global significance within and across disciplines. Oxford universities community has global presence including more than 44,000 graduates in more than 188 countries outside the UK, leading as the worlds largest university press and prominent tropical medical research facilities.

Oxford universities graduates have been actively participating in African affairs for a number of centuries. Today, it is a leading center for studies, addressing challenges facing the continent. Students and scholars have access to outstanding collections of documents and books in the Rhodes House Library and artifacts of all kinds in the Pitt Rivers Museum in order to support their studies. Oxford universities have also been engaging with China past few centuries., China is the second largest source of international students at Oxford universities, with above 40 academics across disciplines. Medical is the largest-scale involvement in China.

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Throughout the world, universities Oxford are showing its presence by building academic programs in Asia, Japan, India, Korea, and Middle East for providing academic publications and English language teaching programs.


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